Friday, April 8, 2016

RV Update Number 2

I've been trying to reach Leibert and Dometic, no joy... we have gone ahead with the repairs, what choice do we have right? The jacks have to function properly as do the tank valves so we are having them all repaired. In the end, I am going to be having a meeting with the dealer asking and if needed demanding an explanation on how they could give a clean bill of health and then suddenly, after spending $500.00 on repairs we have another $3,500.00 before it's actually.....fixed or their version of fixed.

I'm going to walk back my comment about possibly giving up the RV lifestyle, we simply can't, we enjoy it too much! I work a pretty stressful job, I love the job, but there is a lot of stress. Being able to unwind at the campground really helps me, but having to fix the fix, for somebody with OCD and being a perfectionist, not getting even half assed repair's done is mindbogglingly frustrating because I know if I did that repair for somebody I could put my name on it, I would OWN it and be proud of it because I can guaranfriggintee it would be done right, I believe in a handshake being my bond and my work a contract that it will be as good as new or better.

We tentatively have next Friday as delivery day and our hopes are that the dealer will come through.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Again Talk to the Better Business Bureau because those clowns at the dealership are bilking you for repairs they are not doing and you should not be paying for.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.