Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comcast – Brilliant At Sales, Not So Much At Fixing Their Chit

We have the “Triple Play” package, Internet, Phone and TV. Awesome right? Call them to add a service and you get through on one call right away, they can do everything on that call and they are so friendly and so prepared.

You want to get something fixed? Like a sudden loss of internet connection, loss of phone and tv? Well, that works a little bit differently, you call and get an IVR, that IVR bounces you around a bit, then after you’re done bouncing they get you in line for a minimum of 20 minutes and then somebody who can barely form an English sentence comes on the line and you now try to explain the problem.

The prepared straight from the script answer “Your modem is bad” to which I respond everything is down, not just the internet connection, tv is down as well. “Your modem is bad”, we go back and forth and he sends me to another department where I explain this all over again and then click, the transfer “hang up”.

I get back to “support” and end up with the “Your modem is bad” and they schedule a visit to my house. I try to explain that Comcast was outside burying my neighbors cable, is it possible they cut my line? NO.

Comcast shows up the next day “we accidentally cut your line”, I gathered that so they lay line number 3 down on top of the lawn, see, they have done this before so now I have yet another line to be buried.

AT&T is worse, I could explain how while down at my Dad’s house last week his U-Verse box decided it belonged somewhere else so deactivated itself. That was another call to support hell.

Now Comcast is merging with yet another large company, you think they’ll get better as a larger monopoly? Of course not but being a monopoly we are stuck with them….


Big Matt said...

What's sad, Erik, is that even with their shitty service, we'd still be happy to get ANYTHING..... There's no wired high speed internet in the area (though I have heard that a couple neighbors might have a whopping 1.5mbit DSL going on the phone lines).

Erik's RV Blog said...

Oh I know bud, I know!