Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting Ready, Bad Weather, Hail, Rain & Snow! This Is Vacation?!?!?

I took the 12th through the 20th off to prepare the lot and to get the rig cleaned up and prepared to be delivered to the campground.

The campground site, approximately 18 loads of leaves need to be removed. Thankfully, I’ll have help!


I had to level 2.5 tons of gravel which tore up my left hand pretty good. Hindsight being what it is I forgot to bring gloves. My right shoulder has RA and we figure there are about 18 loads of leaves so I ended up hiring somebody to clear the leaves except since this picture was taken we have had two major hail storms, severe thunderstorms and finally 3 inches of snow!! More on that below.

Here is the driveway after I spent a few hours grading it…


The dealer was kind enough to put the rig at a temporary site. I spent the weekend in this spot.


We then had hail twice and a nice thunderstorm, pretty much guaranteed I wouldn’t get much done over the weekend.


Thankfully after 12 minutes of some almost golf ball sized hail my car came out of it dent free. One of the bolt covers for the windshield wipers got blown apart so that will cost about 15 bucks.

WP_20140412_030 WP_20140412_035

I built new jack pads which worked out great at all six locations.

20140414_121326   20140414_121333

What is a vacation without hail, rain and snow all within the space of 3 days! 77f to 28f! Stay tuned for more from this awesome vacation!!



Teri said...

It's even cold in Texas, had to turn the heat on last night.

JO said...

I was wondering when I would see the rig on your site. Nice job on the gravel. But what nasty weather. Can't wait to see your site all cleaned up and ready for some fun. OH and warmth

Sue B said...

summer will be here soon!!that is some nasty weather!!

Martha Brady said...

Hailstones the size of golf balls? That's crazy! The fact that your car took all of that punishment and emerged unscathed was pretty lucky! Well, except for the wipers, which took one for the team. Though I know more people would pick replacing wipers rather than a hood peppered with dents. Let's see if the upcoming winter would be better. Take care!

Martha Brady @ Indianapolis Dent Company