Saturday, February 22, 2014

Printer Update, Day Two…

Last night I configured scanning to a network folder for Ronda and I so now there are 4 profiles for the 2 of us. 1 for pictures and 1 for documents, I scanned pictures and the complaint of poor picture scanning turns out to be true. Bright colors are over saturated, this is one area the 8600 actually did very well when it worked but the pictures can be adjusted with software and I’m hoping we won’t be doing to much of that anyway. Scanning and copying documents were very good.

Scanning to the network folders worked perfectly and the scanner is fast, press the button and a second later it’s in the folder, nice. I have to set up scan to email next, no time for it this weekend since I’m working, maybe Sunday night.

Printing pictures were amazing, every bit as good as you can expect, I printed a picture of Elvis’s desk and the print was as good as the picture. Using premium laser paper really looks fantastic, marketing materials will really pop, the HP demo page looks exceptional. More to come…


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JO said...

Things work so well when you know what your doing.

The desk top has been working pretty good but I am using my laptop for all the Neighborhood watch stuff I am typing, an typing and you get it. Don't trust it enough to put all this stuff on it and the puff it's gone. I really appreciate all your help. thank you again