Friday, February 21, 2014

Ok, I Know I Said I Wouldn’t… another HP printer, I should have been more specific, I’ll never buy another consumer model HP printer…Disappointed smile  I know I know  After punching out my HP 8600 my hand has mostly healed and I have been doing a lot of research on a proper business class laser printer since I am also swearing off of Inkjet, forever. My research has come down to several choices, but these are the two I came down to, the HP LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw Color All-In-One and the Samsung CLX-4195FW All-In-One.

The Samsung appealed to me because of the ability to print easily from our Samsung devices but it was $100.00 more than the HP and this also and most importantly has to work for my business. So the frivolousness of apps and ease of printing from a tablet or cell phone is very secondary. Not being able to look at and check out the Samsung helped rule it out, I have to be able to check it out before spending good money on something I plan on using at minimum 5 to 10 years.

Print quality and printer build quality is paramount and the one series of printers I have 2 decades of experience with are HP LaserJet's. The one consistent complaint about the Samsung was output wasn’t as good as the HP and there were complaints of failures, all printers have these complaints so you have to separate the wheat from the chaff and read them all and see which ones are people who should not be attempting to install their own equipment and which ones are having actual failures. You would be shocked at what people will blame on a device when it’s they that should not be attempting… well you get my drift.

I found Staples had the HP on sale for $299.00, this is a ridiculously low price for a color laser all in one and $100.00 less than the Samsung, there were others I had written down as well but no need to get into those. Some of you might have a different brand or model that you love as well. So, I bought the printer and for the very first time I also bought the 2 year all inclusive warranty which was also on sale for $15.00, a no brainer for an extra 2 years of coverage.

I have the printer out of the box warming up and I am working up the energy to carry it downstairs. The good thing is I already have my HP ePrint account configured from the 8600 so I can easily add this printer to the account. It also has the ability to print from any device so we get that even though it wasn’t important to me. Being able to print in color with very good quality is what this printer is acclaimed to do, we’ll see. I’m heading down with it after I post this, cross your fingers!

EDIT: 9:25pm - All I can say is outstanding so far. Initial set up took about 30 seconds, the amount of time it took me to type the wireless passphrase and a few seconds later a report popped out, done. I then plugged in my network cable and the wireless automatically shut down, perfect, as it should be. I printed network documentation, a .pdf invoice and a word document, the quality is as good as our Enterprise level $2,000.00 HP 4700dn we bought years ago. Fonts smaller than size 8 are even clear, many have a problem with small fonts. Verdict night one, happy happy happy!




Craig MacKenna said...

Anyone who plans on using any computer-related product ordered in 2014 "for five or ten years" is IMO a hopeless optimist.

We used our Apple Mac Pro 500 MHz for 12 years and our Apple Mac Pro 1.25 MHz dual processor for 9 years, so I know where you're coming from. But everything I encounter says that such usage is next to impossible for an order placed now, and that this is true regardless of the "consumer or enterprise" label.

Big Matt said...

My folks are looking at that same printer or one very similar to it, actually to add as a secondary printer for the house. Our current HP 7200 has been working decently, but loves to drink the ink, even on light volume modes, and it has five separate ink cartridges.

The current printer is connected wireless to the house network, and is shared for scanning and printing, and gets used on many occasions as a stand alone copy machine.