Thursday, February 13, 2014

Google Chromecast

I got one as a gift and let it sit a while while I figured out if I wanted to mess with it or not. I figured what the heck lets see what this thing is all about. Initially it refused to work with the wireless provided by the Comcast X1 wireless router, it kept dropping off so I installed my old router as an access point and it’s happy with that, in fact so are our computers.

For playing video’s on the big screen it’s great but can get boring pretty quick. Netflix works fine with it but what I like the most is playing full HD music videos on the surround sound system and HD TV, wow it’s incredible! It depends on the source of course but those that upload 720p and higher typically have the right surround track encoded and right now I’m listening to Celtic music and it sounds incredible on this system. Using Flickr and photo sharing sites look great as well.

It’s $35.00 and if you like to have control over video/content from your laptop on your large screen HD TV over your network it’s fantastic. Check it out HERE.


Big Matt said...

So, what is it, a small WiDi unit?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Click the link. :) It's a wifi device that is kind of like WiDi and personally I'd prefer WiDi but my TV isn't compatible.

Karen and Al said...

I've considered about buying the Chromecast, but like you didn't know if I felt like messing with it to get it to work.

Do you think I could get video from my laptop that I tethered to my android phone for internet?