Monday, January 27, 2014

Awesome Sunrise 01/27/14

While driving to work this morning the sunrise looked fantastic. I used my watch to take these pictures, it doesn’t capture all of the color depth but they look pretty cool I think.

Looks like sunrise from a planet with multiple suns!





Merikay said...

Used you watch? We have just gotten rid of all of our toys and furnishings that don't fit into our RV. Total value? Less than 3 K. Total original cost? Many many dollars. If we had not bought all of that stuff we would have been able to go full time much sooner.

I am not dissing your purchase or a camera watch. Just reminding you that everything you do buy puts the day you are free and clear farther away.

Enjoy it, but don't complain about not being able to go.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - I bought the watch during a promotion that if it didn't pay for itself I would return it.

The ability to get client updates, emails, calls and texts has made this a more valuable device than the phone which itself has been a huge help to me.

Any time a device pays for itself it isn't preventing you from long term goals, it's helping them.

I know anybody can come up with excuses to buy anything, ask my wife, this was a good business decision.

The fact it takes pictures is a side product, but I may as well use it.

Ronda said...

That last pic is close to the one I took during the polar vortex a few weeks ago. Yours is better and clearer than mine though. Good pics hon! :-)

JO said...

Fantastic pics nice watch can I borrow it. LOL