Sunday, November 3, 2013

Windows Server 2000 Migration To Windows Server 2012 Essentials

If you’re looking for a nightmare this is the migration for you. I completed the major portion of this migration tonight and while the migration was tough enough due to the Windows 95 and 98 machines when I went to migrate the user machines each one was infected with malware and virus’s so they had to be disinfected and cleaned up which took nearly the entire weekend.

One was so bad the winsock could not be repaired/replaced, oh pish posh you say? Yep, that corrupted, nothing would bring it back save a full rebuild which I did (on a different machine). Every machine logs onto the new Domain instantly and while they are older machines every one of them now logs into Windows within seconds of typing in the password. Prior to the cleanup the fastest one took minutes. Imagine doing this for 7 machines… only two of which are newer than 2005… if you are familiar with the Intel P4’s and I know Matt is then you know what I was in for this weekend.

Not bad machines mind you, just past their prime, you could say the P4 based machines were past their prime right as they were going down the assembly line, but how is a business owner to know that if nobody tells him. Now, they might not be fast but they are still running, that says something.

Anyway, I have VPN and old profile data to clean up and then migrating the Windows 95/98 machines when we figure out where and how much the CNC software will be to upgrade. All in all a very productive weekend!


Big Matt said...

Original P4s? Or the hyper-thread and dual core models that came out a year or so afterwards before they stopped calling them pentiums?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - Original P4's.. there is a Core 2 Duo machine there that felt like a rocket in comparison. As soon as his business ramps up a bit he's going to swap out the rest of the workstations for new.

I can't wait.