Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For Big Matt

Dual slide tuck camper! How sweet is this thing Matt? Make it a dually Ford and it would be perfect. Smile




TexCyn said...

Those Lance campers are pretty cool. I find it so amazing how they can create so much in such small spaces.

Big Matt said...

Now, if you want to see crazy in a truck camper, look no further than the Chalet Triple Slide :).


Erik's RV Blog said...

Ok, that was amazing as well, I can't believe the amount of space they have. Amazing!!

JO said...

I would flatten my truck like a pancake with one of those. They really are cool.

Big Matt said...

Yeah, most slide-ins these days need at least a one-ton truck, and in the case of the chalet, a medium duty truck, F450 or F550 to carry as they're dry weights start at around 5000lbs once optioned.