Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winegard Wingman RV-Wing HD Upgrade

When we bought the new RV it came with the standard Winegard Wingman antenna very similar to the one they have been installing on RV’s for decades. They have this UHF boosting addition called the RV-Wing that is installed underneath the Wingman, simple right? I bought it hoping it would make up for the lack of performance on VHF by bringing in more UHF stations, they brag about a 100% improvement…



According to my signal meter, in all positions on the weaker and stronger stations there was zero improvement in signal strength for UHF… utter waste of time and $30.00. The design is as if the engineer didn’t check the size of the plastic body of the antenna itself and the plastic retaining screws are iffy at best long term. When it rains, water will easily be caught in this housing but at least there are drain holes.

I gave my brother my last HD JACK antenna so I don’t have one to test but on the Endeavor in this campground spot the JACK antenna did very well but I was hoping to get an improvement on what Winegard brags about by using the RV-Wing, unfortunately it does nothing.

Next up? The Winegard Sensar Pro RFL-332, yes, I’m apparently stupid enough to try another Winegard product. This one however got decent reviews plus it replaces the current antenna power supply and offers 10db gain to help get in more channels.


Will it work? I hope so, I just need to get 2 more channels, TheCW and METV, if I can get them I’ll be a happy camper, literally. Smile If not, I’ll order the JACK and pray the first one works, remember last time? It took 2 of them.

It would be nice to be able to watch the channels we like when it’s real hot or when its storming, so cross your fingers!

I hope everybody is having a great weekend!


JO said...

You lost me about with all the antenna stuff. So I will just cross my fingers for you.

Erik's RV Blog said...

JO - Thanks! Amazing what somebody will do to get a few more channels 'eh? :)

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I've given up on the over the air antenna, I even have the extra part installed on the antenna.

Problems started when the TV stations switched to digital. After installing one of the digital converter boxes, I have to tune in a signal. I get Russia, China and some other stations from the other side of the planet great, but can't get TV stations five miles away.

Glad I have a DirecTV dish.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Paul and Marti,

We don't have a clear view to the south so I don't think we can get a dish to work either. The price we pay for stayin out of the hot sun, plus it really dirty's the RV up fast.

I think we're stuck with over the air. I may mount an antenna way up a tree next, God knows we have enough of them around us. :)

TexCyn said...

Oh, I'm reading backwards because I'm behind. So you really did mean the MeTV channel. I bought the wingman for my antenna after reading some good reviews on it. Got up to my roof, all ready to install would not fit?? Come to find out, my antenna is a Commander, not a Winegard! haha