Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting closer!

It’s marked as sold on their website, we also see what we owe showing up on our Credit Union’s account dashboard so we technically owe money on something we haven’t picked up yet!

TWO MORE DAYS…. I have vacuumed our old rig three times today to fluff up the carpet. I’m cleaning everything inside and I am power washing the tanks, why, because I have OCD, ADD and everything else that ends in D!!! The outside of the rig has 3 months of tree gunk and black crap from the forest on it. The dealer will care for that but inside will be spotless! I have a sickness… I know I know… Smile and yes if I could the outside would be spotless as well!



JO said...

I hate turning things over dirty too.

Rae said...

Won't be much longer now. I understand the cleaning completely - I am a full fledged member of the OCD club too.