Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finally Checked Out Bartlett Train Station & Rude People Rant, Vent Arrrrrggh!

The buildings on the left are Condo’s, the train station is straight ahead, don’t see it? I think it is a quarter of a mile from this point. What you’ll find funny is I pass this station every day on my way to the Hanover station, call it habit, call it bad experiences from using this station in the past but they built a new station building so I figure what the heck, let’s give it a shot and save 5 miles a day, heck that equals a gallon of gas a week saved.


There it is, I had to zoom in the picture! I have to remember NOT to get off at Hanover tonight!


I have a question for you folks, do you think Karma visits a holes who try to walk through you, this includes teenage girls who think they own an entire sidewalk? I stepped aside for 3 teenage girls who were walking side by side and actively trying to not move when people walked by, the girl closest to me as I was walking towards them is walking with her arms out hands on her hips and as they go by she elbows into me as I tried to step out of the way all the while her friends are giggling.

Well, as can be expected, this 100lb girl bounced off of me, I had nowhere else to go except the train tracks. They stop giggling and glare at me, I glared back and said “watch where you’re walking rudeness” (I don’t typically say anything, but they were clearly doing this on purpose) then turned around and went into the station.

As the train pulls into the station and the doors open a man pushes past everybody, including the ladies and walks onto the train. I have the strength if I want to, to force most people out of my way if I want to. I was raised better than that so I open doors for ladies and if a rude person shoves by I give them a “hi a**hole” look and continue on my way.

Working in Chicago is a full time practice in not pounding a person into the pavement, rude people out number polite people. For instance a lady walked into me (how do you NOT see me??) and I was ready to glare at her when she very politely apologized and smiled. I was in shock, I had to remind myself where I was at because it’s so bloody rare these days.

They call Chicago the city of broad shoulders, not from my perspective, it’s a big city full of rude arrogant people so self involved they don’t care who they push bump or knock out of the way. Teenage girls are absolutely the worst, they walk in packs and expect everybody to clear a path and it takes a large amount of will power not to hold both arms out and bowl them all over…. are all teenage girls like this? I could tell you horror stories about what they talk about when they’re on the train… they’re worse than the boys and they talk loud enough for the entire train to hear them, it’s like listening to a dozen cats meowing all at the same time, or listening to fingernails on a chalkboard… and the gum chewing with their mouths open, imagine 10 of them all smacking their gum, saying the word LIKE 3 or four times a sentence…   Disappointed smile …….. breath, desperately look for ear phones….

Ok, got that out, now I can continue to be knocked into and do it with a smile/glare on my face knowing sooner or later a person will apologize and give me hope that not everybody is a self absorbed arrogant ahole.

This, is a 2 huge cup of coffee day!  Smile


Teri said...

Ah, Chicago, lived there for 54 years, luckily I never worked downtown. I do not miss it at all. I don't even want to go to visit, yet. Maybe someday.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Teri - Oh, it's great to visit! :)

Big Matt said...

Yeah, I kind of figured that was likely the behavior of a lot of the native population, given how they drive on the freeways. ;)

JO said...

I am hard pressed to not just knock them down and just keep walking. They certainly need someone to do it. Last week I was shopping and this lady almost knocked me into the cold bin. I turned around and said WELL EXCUSE ME! She said no problem. WTH! Later she was with her husband and she apologize. A little late don't you think? I guess she didn't realize he was behind her when she pushed right into me. I guess she needs him to keep her in control poor man.

Sue and Doug said...

hate to say it but I sure wonder what those girls parents are like?
rude people are everywhere, especially on public transit!

Rae said...

I think society in general is rude, but the younger they are the more they seem to have a chip on their shoulder daring to be knocked off. With my temper it would be hard not to say something. You must have terrific willpower to hold back during these rude kind of encounters.