Friday, May 31, 2013

The Humming Bird

I don’t know how I forgot this, I meant to post about it on Monday but got caught up in the Holiday and being grumpy about ignorant young people. 0_o

Anyway, while looking out the windshield last weekend on Saturday we noticed a floating bird staring back at us. I couldn’t get my camera fast enough to capture it but it floated from the passenger side to the driver side looking in at us. It just looked like a birds body floating there slowly from one side to the other and his/her head would turn just enough to keep staring at us then it would fly off.

It happened again Sunday so we will be keeping the cameras ready next weekend when we go back up there. We are staying home this weekend to get some projects done.

Have a safe and fun weekend everybody!


Big Matt said...

Thanks Erik, we have about 10-12 of them on an average basis that putter around Island Cove Park :).

JO said...

He wants you to feed him. :)