Monday, May 13, 2013

New Site Update

We spent Saturday getting supplies and working on figuring out how to level a Class A on such a steep slope (there are no Class A’s on this side of the campground, now we know why). During the week the back of the rig had sunk about 3 inches into the driveway even while sitting on gravel. Aside from hiring a company to come and compact the driveway which we can’t afford we decided to use 2x6 boards and I would angle cut them so the tires could ride up easier.

I drove the rig to the end of the driveway and parked it and we worked on filling the grooves where the rear tires had sunk in. We then lined up the boards and I backed up annnnnnnnnnnd nothing…. it refused to go over the boards, it simply lacked the power to get out of the rut it sank into.

I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?!? It seems all the tires would do is push themselves down into the driveway, not by spinning oh no, they…just…sank…. Disappointed smile  We didn’t take pictures, I fear the phone would be somewhere in the woods had I had it in my hand at the time. The previous rains has left the ground too moist, last July would have been perfect since we had a drought and the ground was like concrete.

What to do… well, we ran out of time Sunday morning as we had plans for Mothers day. Our plan for this coming Saturday is to get more gravel put down and level it out to include the sewer area. Since this will allow us to back the RV almost all the way to the shed we can put the boards in front of the rear tires and the ramps we bought in front of the rear tires and then we’ll pray it’s close enough so the jacks will even things out.

We also put in path lights, a flag light for the flag pole and I got the lawn mower the previous owner said was “dead” running, that was a great money saver right there! Wait till you see the wood stack, it’s huge!

For now the RV is on the tires with chocks in front of the tires and the emergency brake locked in and waiting for us to try and get it right. Have a great week everybody and for you Mom’s I hope you had a great Mothers Day!  Red rose


JO said...

I'm not sure why the park isn't fixing this problem. Why do you have to buy the gravel and all the other things needed to get this problem fixed. You don't own that space do you?

Merikay said...

Is it a common practice in the midwest for people to have to improve their own site? Somehow this all seems like way to much work.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JO - I'm going to discuss the grade of the gravel driveway with the owners this weekend. We pay for the lot each year and it's only rent, not ownership.

I think they would say I chose to put a Class A on a site that was on a slope but I had no clue it was this steep.

Merikay - For rented sites the owners do very little. I don't know if this is just a Midwest thing or not but it is a lot of work for sure.

The site looks great, now it's just a matter of getting the rig to be level on it. Maybe I'm going about it wrong, not sure yet and now of course they are calling for storms this weekend, nuts.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

They ought to atleast help with the gravel necessary to make the place usable......!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Rod - Agreed, they did put down one load so we'll see if they agree this weekend.