Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank You

Ronda and I want to thank everybody who commented on Loki’s passing. Loki was a special dog, she didn’t need training to stay in the yard or do her business outside and she was so gentle with people. We just returned this past weekend from our trip which I’ll try and post about soon.

We stopped by the RV yesterday and it has sunk to the rear axle in mud, unreal. Anyway this Friday after it has rained for 5 days straight I’ll try and figure out how to dig the RV out of the mud, I’ll take pictures for the blog.

Here is a picture of Graceland, it took a while but I got a clean shot with no people in it.



Teri said...

That's terrible about the mud. I guess you need to find a different seasonal RV Park.

Jackie said...

Sorry about the RV being in the mud.
On a positive note that us a GREAT photo you took of Elvis' home.

TexCyn said...

Oh no on the mud! Maybe when it dries out, it'll be easier to get out? I've heard old shingles are the best to put in front of the tires to try to drive out on. Good luck!

Great picture of Graceland...but...did you notice there seems to be an image of a person on the front door? Kinda freaky!

(I'm still a bit sad about Loki, but it's still good that she shared her life with ya'll)

Merikay said...

What terrible uck with the RV. First the mice, and now mud. This was not a good winter for you.

JO said...

Hope you were able to enjoy your trip.
I will head up to Pinetop Sunday to bring things back to Tucson. I keep wondering what critters I might find in my rig.

Hope the mud dries out and you won't have to much trouble pulling it out.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Teri - The park is ok, it's their storage lot that stinks. We won't be storing there this coming winter thats for sure!

Jackie - Thanks!

TexCyn - If I wait for it to dry out it could be weeks. It's been raining every day for the last 6 days so I need to get it dug out this Saturday. I just pray it hasn't sunk further or I don't know how I'll get it out.

Ronda and I miss Loki a lot, we see her everywhere. Tuesday night Ronda asked if she should let the dog out and caught herself and then burst into tears. It's amazing how much a pet can touch your heart.

Merikay - Yeah, it seems every Spring something gets us, this winter has been a doozer for sure.

JO - We did enjoy the trip, it took a little bit to get unwound but we did enjoy it.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

TexCyn - There were people in the house going through a tour, there are people on the other side of the door, great eye! :)

TexCyn said...

Hahaha Erik! That's funny, but takes the fun out of the creepy side of it. Darn! BTW, I think we've been dupped by something...go read my blog when you can...

I hope you can get your RV out of the mud :-(