Thursday, April 18, 2013

FLOOD 2013

So last weekend we pulled the rig out of the swampy mud in the campground storage lot. This morning I get a call from the campground owner asking me to come over and move the rig to high ground. The Kishwaukee River has gone over flood stage in most parts of the river. 

Looking at this picture it looks like the river has some way to go to go into the campground. I was thinking at this point I could have come here tonight, wrong assumption..


Looks safe right? This picture was taken from high ground, soon after I moved the rig river water started getting into the campground. Not here yet but moving slowly.


This is the other end of the campground, or should I say the tent area of the campground, it’s higher than we’re we are but lower than the hill I took the first picture from. Completely flooded and about to crest over into the main campground, our rig is at the low point of that section of the park. So instead of having to crest over as seen in the first picture, all that’s needed is another few inches and it will be running river water into the campground unabated. Once that starts, it will quickly reach our side and it will fill like a bowl.


They called me twice to get me there as soon as possible before the sites on high ground were taken. Thankfully I got there and was able to get onto very high ground, it took over 3 hours to get there. They are slowly getting all of the campers out of the lower area up to this area. Oh, no mouse traps were licked clean or mice trapped, a positive for the day.


Other RV’s weren’t as lucky and were parked either side by side or in front of each other so they have to wait for the other owners to move their rigs.


The Frog pond last year was almost dried out, now it overflows into the playing field.


Down the street, the water level rose over a foot in just over an hour.


This parking lot was full of cars an hour before I took this picture. Now, flooded out.


So there it is, flood 2013. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll know how far into the campground it’s going to get. They are hoping the flood will recede starting on Saturday and by Wednesday we can move the campers back into their spots, it depends on conditions, even if the water is gone, it will need to dry out some before heavy rigs can drive around down there.

We’ll be going back up there Saturday to see how it’s going. I’ll post back about it then. Tomorrow night I see the Blackhawks! Woohoo!!


TexCyn said...

oh no! Glad you were able to get there in order to get it moved! I imagine some probably could not...

JO said...

I hope it has peeked and now will go down. Best wishes

Merikay said...

Finally some decent luck. So glad you were able to get moved in time.

Donna K said...

Yikes, that's a lot of water. Glad you got moved.

Janie and John said...

It seems like there is either not enough water or way too much. Hope soon it is just enough.