Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flood 2013 Continued…

Remember Thursday? The Kishwaukee river was cresting over the banks of the campground but had not reached our site yet.


Here it is Saturday morning, AFTER the water started receding about a foot.


All of the junk in the campground, including the muck, a few small decks and a fence ended up in our spot.




We spent Saturday night in the rig and also help Ronda’s parents move into their new house.


We also found a new site we might want to take instead of the one buried in a lake for the next few weeks. It has a large deck, a shed and a large area behind the site where the entire family can hang out for a fire pit. Oh, it also has a flag pole.


The shed has power and might come with 2 kayaks as well.


We like the fire pit area a lot!


There is an RV sitting there now but it’s there because of the flood, it should be removed soon. It needs a lot of raking and new gravel for the driveway.


The playground is right there as well, plus up here we should have better internet access.


We haven’t made a decision yet, they are selling the shed and deck which would be fantastic to have plus it’s in a very shady section of the campground so if it gets hot again like last year the temperature should be much lower here. We’re going to discuss it with the campground owners next weekend.


Big Matt said...

That's a real nice site right there, especially if you can keep the deck and shed. :).

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Big Matt - We would have to purchase the shed and deck from the previous owners but if we decide to do it we are going to offer less than they are asking.

They are asking for $650.00 for both, I'm mulling over it, I know they are worth more but we need to REALLY like the site to do it.

When we get up there this weekend we're going to spend a lot of time walking around. The owners might not be willing to let us move either, I could be wrong there we'll find out.

Jackie said...

Reading about the flooding going on in that area...and so sorry that it is happening.
Wonderful 'before' and 'during' shots, too, my friend.
Stay safe and dry...

JO said...

I'm sure glad you got your motor home of harms way. That was some flood. Hope they allow you to move to the new spot.
I moved my rig today.