Monday, April 29, 2013

April 2013 Flood–After AND Introducing….. AND A New Site! Whew….

I think I got that backwards, lets do the introduction first shall we?

Introducing, Shiloh! This cute little thing came from PAWS Chicago on Friday 4/26/13 and looks to be pretending to be a very tiny Husky, she almost gets away with it until you see her eyes.


She is a little shy right now and didn’t eat anything until late Sunday which made us very happy. We were afraid we’d be going to the vet if she continued to refuse eating. She would perk up whenever we ate and she seemed very interested in human food which of course she wasn’t going to get.

Like Loki she doesn’t take off when off leash which is like hitting the doggy lottery. Our neighbors for the weekend have a small dog like Shiloh and that thing barked non-stop (ALL WEEKEND) and when off leash too off like a bolt. We’ll see how Shiloh  does in the next few weeks. As for her name, you’ll need to ask Ronda why…  Disappointed smile


I’ll spare you all from all of the clean up pictures, here is one of them showing the build up of muck, leaves, everybody's mulch and our very heavy stairs that got moved by the water.


Here is the site after we got most of the junk cleaned up. My arms and legs are going to hurt  for a few days after raking all of that gravel and debris! Ronda did a lot of clean up and helped me burn the bulk of the debris, the fire was going most of the weekend!


Oh yes, I almost forgot this part, I had the propane filled Saturday morning. I brought the rig home, got it all situated after moving a LOT of gravel and then Ronda went to turn on the hot water and OOOPPSS Embarrassed smile I forgot to turn the gas back on! Arrrgghhh! Disappointed smile See the compartment at the top of the picture? That’s where the valve is for the propane, let’s see, bring the slide in, bring up the jacks, disconnect water, sewer and electricity OR try and open the compartment door a tad and turn the gas on that way.


I decided, what the heck, I can crawl underneath and…. get real good and stuck! On all fours I was taller than the distance between the supports for the deck and the ground so I had to side crawl through the not dry yet debris under the deck and then try to hold the door open and reach the valve, which seemed to be 1 foot further than I could reach.

Quite the quandary ‘eh? Ronda stood on the deck and held the door open for me and I contorted my right arm and couldn’t reach it. My arm simply didn’t bend the right way to get over the spare tire to get to the valve. So, I decided to FORCE my arm up there, why not right? I was committed and there was no way I was going to now go do it the way I should have from the get go, no way no how buddy, nope!

I jammed my arm up there and got it! I felt the valve with the tips of three fingers and it wouldn’t turn, so I force my fingers in-between the valve openings and twisted counter clockwise and it worked! Now the gas was on but my arm was jammed up there, I forced it up there, I can force it out right? I gave it a big pull and out came my arm, all I got was a scratch and a lot of pain but the gas was on! (EDIT: It’s now Monday 2pm and my arm still hurts).

Not having access to the compartments is one of the reasons for the introduction below, if you’re still here you might as well continue right? Dog face


Re-introducing site 131! We purchased the shed and deck, the previous owner has cleaned out the lot but he still has to empty the shed and pick up his kayaks. The campground owners will have all new gravel poured in time for our move in next week. We’ll take plenty of pictures next and I should have the flag up then as well.

Until then, I have the yard at home to work on! Anybody have an arm, two legs and a back I can borrow? Smile Have a great week!



TexCyn said...

Shiloh is adorable!!! Congrats on her :-)
I'm confused...are you moving to the new site? Or did you buy the deck & shed to be moved?
Take care of your arm - sounds painful! I've had enough injuries to last a be careful. As I get older, they seem to be flaring up when I thought they were all gone & healed.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

TexCyn - Thanks! We will be moving to site 131. :)

TexCyn said...

Ok, got ya. Thought that was what you meant, but my mind isn't doing a good job of processing things today...must be the spiders in my vacuum ;-)

JO said...

Shilo is a sweety. How old is she?

I can't lend you any of my limbs they aren't worth anything after this move and set of the yard. But making a pretzel out of ones body, man your good. Wish Ronda would have taken some pictures.
Hope you heal soon before the next move.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

TexCyn - Must be! :)

JO - Thank God ROnda was busy holding the compartment door! I can't imagine what those pictures would have looked like! My right arm still feels like somebody stood on it or something...

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JO - We think Shiloh is around a year old, not 100% sure.

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Nothing like a new pal... Oh, and high ground in the campground...... LOL

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Rod and Loyce - Yep, high ground!! :)

Kevin and Ruth said...

Shiloh is a really sweetie. She will have you tied around her little paw in no time.

You did a great job on the flood clean up on your site. I can totally understand you being sore from all that. I have a whole campground to rake and it's gonna take a little while to get that done. After two days, I am surprisingly not too stiff and sore, we will see how I am at the end of the first week.


Erik's RV Blog * said...

Ruth - An entire campground would about do me in. Shiloh has transformed into the mighty tiny pup who thinks she is a mighty big dog.

Good luck with the cleanup!