Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vacation Planning

We have decided to forgo the first camping trip this year in favor of taking the car down to Memphis to visit Graceland and then moving on the visit my Dad at the end of this month. The spot where the RV is stored is surrounded by woods and apparently our rig has easy access for all mice large and small so the rig will need a large amount of cleaning inside and repairing some wires I am almost sure they have ruined. Turn signals and emergency lights don’t work unless I hit the steering wheel which means that I have to take things apart and see what’s going on.

I found a rather large cocoon or poop in the overhead console that has me confused, if it’s poop then a very small cat or rat got up there through a quarter sized hole in the back of the console and the only way up there is through the a-pillar.  If it’s a cocoon then clip_image002, not sure what the heck creates one in the dead of winter, I just know it wasn’t there last fall. Dare I post a pic? 

We will not be storing the rig here this coming winter and I am getting underneath the rig this Spring to locate any openings the little bastards are getting through.

Back to the vacation, I have been promising Ronda a real vacation for years, one that doesn’t entail work (unless needed) and one that means we are out of Illinois. Our last real vacation was in 2007 so we are due. We are visiting Graceland for a few days plus the sites then heading to my Dad’s place in Arkansas.

We will be returning in time we hope to move the RV to our new spot at Blackhawk campground and we’ll take pictures when we get there, plus pictures of the vacation as well.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Merikay said...

Have fun. Could a small owl gotten into the overhead in some way? I know that sounds bizarre.

Jackie said...

Have a wonderful trip...
Sending you both smiles and hoping for nothing but happiness for you!!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - Man I hope not, didn't even think of that. Whatever it is, it's icky as my wife would say. I'm going up there this weekend to run everything and do some cleanup so we'll see.

Jackie - Thanks, back at you. :)

JO said...

Have a great vacation.

I would store my RV there either.