Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vacation 2013, Hannibal, The Ozarks, Dad’s House and Graceland In 9 Days

Yes, you read that right, we are doing all of this in 9 days.


We aren’t taking the RV on this trip, as much as I’d prefer it, the cost would simply be too much for fuel. Estimated cost for 1,800 miles is around $1,070.00 Surprised smile in gas money, the time has come that the hotel is going to be cheaper than staying in the RV. Between RV park costs and gas we’ll save money by driving the car. Enough that it makes no sense to use the rig, which makes me sad. Sad smile

We’re starting out at home after work soon, no dates given since there are some people who come here that may not have the best intentions, better safe than sorry. So we’ll post the dates when we return home. Where was I, oh yeah, we’ll be leaving when I get home from work and we’ll drive to Hannibal MO, go for a walk through the town, check out Tom and Becky’s house and then we’ll eat there, spend the night and then head to the Ozarks for part of a day to see the sights and take pictures.

After the Ozarks we head to my Dad’s place and spend a night there and then head down to Memphis where Ronda will be in Elvis nirvana for 5 days and I will likely never want to hear his voice again after. Disappointed smile We’re staying at the Heartbreak Hotel, hopefully not in room 214 which I have read hears the 24x7 songs by Elvis playing outside the room. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll enjoy the Elvis car museum, his planes and Graceland itself but as for Elvis, just another guy to me who had some good songs and some really terrible songs, but Ronda LOOOVVVEESSSS him. Winking smile

The Heartbreak hotel has gotten good reviews but many people state it needs new carpet etc and their wireless never works. Overall people like the place and give it a pass because it’s so close to Graceland, we’ll see when we get there! Ronda has made plans for everything we’ll be doing there so I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and some video! My wife is counting the days she is so excited! Smile



Teri said...

My late husband and I used to take road trips like this. We both worked a lot of hours and could only get away for a week, then eventually were able to take 2 weeks and then 3 weeks. Its easier to do the long drives when you are younger. We stopped in Memphis once, don't miss Beale Street that was my favorite part of the town. We would sometimes stay in cabins at campgrounds since we never towed the travel trailer that we owned.

JO said...

Sounds like a great trip and your right not to post until you return.

Big Matt said...

Yeah..... that would have taken me about 12-14 days with the camper :p, provided there's enough to keep in an area for any length of time. :)

A decent hotel these days runs about $130-150 a night, Gas... around $4.00 or less if you're not fueling up in the expensive part of Chicago (Basically, anywhere 60 miles south of Chicago drops your gas prices ALOT :p), so yeah, if you're just balls to the walling through to the south point and then back again, hotel/car does boil out cheaper.

Me, I tend to be an explorer, and I drive a small RV and stay at cheap or free places for the night, so it's just the cost of gas for my figuring.

But, then I just did 10,000 miles, 15 states and spent about $5500 in gas to do it ;).

Big Matt said...

Just crunched the numbers, 9 days, 8 nights at around $100-130 a night for hotel stay = $800-1040 for hotels.

So, really, depending on yer needs, for the most part, it's a wash.

Now, if you have family you're staying with for at least 50% of your nights, then it's definitely cheaper.

I don't trust too many of the hotels that are less than $100 a night anymore, go through them some time with a UV light ;).

Jackie said...

What a great trip!!
I'm sorry that the price of fuel is prohibiting your use of the RV. The price is ridiculously, high.
But, as you enjoy your trip, I can't wait to see photos/read about each leg of the journey.
Take care and enjoy!!