Sunday, December 2, 2012

RV Update

Saturday Ronda dropped me off at the rig to check for mouse kills and to run the genny. We know they visited us because of the trail of poop all over the rig. So I bought the enclosed mouse traps and used the 100% sure mouse trap food which is peanut butter and we put 4 of them where I know the little bastards go.

When I got there today there was no sign that they were still around, all traps were still loaded and ready to go. So I fired up the genny and was going to vacuum when I realized we had no power. I checked the panel and it was showing 3/4 on the house batteries which means the genny wasn’t charging them. When the genny is running the charge shows 100% so I knew something was up.

I went into the bedroom and checked the circuit breakers and all looked good. Uh oh…. what the heck could it be? I sat there a few minutes, the genny was running smooth but perhaps there is a breaker outside as well? Outside I go and sure enough, on the right side there is a 30 and a 20 amp breaker. The 20 was tripped so I reset it and went inside, still no power. Hmmmm wtf? Disappointed smile

I go out again and from the genny itself I turned it off then waited a minute and then turned it on again. The system waited about a minute and then suddenly I had power inside again. WHEW! I was able to vacuum everything so if the mice come back I’ll know it.

Last, I may or may not have left the roof vent open a few inches and it’s raining. The rig is facing straight west so I should be fine until I go back up today to verify, I think I remember closing it but we can’t take a chance.

That’s all, have a great weekend everybody!


JO said...

Those nasty filthy things have been giving you trouble for a while. To bad you can't find the entry and fill it in. Ihope you are rid of them.

Sue B said...

nasty little rodents! hope they have left the rig and moved on or they have a lovely 'last supper' of peanut butter!

kcgaz said...

I was thinking that they chewed the wiring like they did in my daughter's car, glad they didn't!

Teri said...

I have roof vent covers and keep both vents open about 90 % of the time.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Jo - Every Fall and Spring they get in, I think I know where and I did my best to close it but they still get in. This Spring I'll take it to Scott's and ask them to put it up in the air so we can look underneath and try to plug anything we find.

Sue - Agreed! I keep the rig very clean inside, no food anywhere but they like wires when they can't find food so hopefully they find the peanut butter and enjoy their last bite.

kcgaz - They may have gotten to the emergency ground wire which I had to have re-routed last year. Damn little things get into everything.

Teri - I need to get the kind that cover the roof vents so they can be open and allow the rig to keep fresh air in it, it's on my to do list.

Merikay said...

I have never known a mouse to leave. Putting sheets of white posterboard has helped me see droppings in the bay areas. Only had it once, but it was easier to see on the white than on the dark gray carpeting.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - Yeah, I see your point but when ever I put out traps with peanut butter they get caught. They have never left them alone, the traps I used last year they cleaned out until I learned my lesson and went back to the old fashioned kind. I know where to look for poop inside and this weekend there wasn't any.

Who knows what next week will bring? :)

TexCyn said...

I'm sorry that you are still plagued by mice. That sucks. Wish I had an idea on how to rid of them once & for all...but I don't.