Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bye Bye To “The Dragon”

It’s time for it to go, I have had this monster laptop (lap crusher) since February 2007 and it still looks brand new. I’m putting it on eBay and hope it gets a good home. I spent the better part of yesterday rebuilding it back to Windows Vista x64 Ultimate. Why Vista you ask? Because HP, while I love their equipment is horrid at driver updates when a new OS comes out. This machine got zero Windows 7 love from HP so a few functions didn’t work when you ran Windows 7 on it, like the eject button, the bass and treble etc…

Either way, Windows Vista ran perfect on this machine for 2 years before I installed Windows 7 on it so I have no problem restoring this version to it. It’s almost like a portable TV, 20” higher than 1080p resolution, one of the last to use WUXGA and the screen is simply stunning to see.

So, bye bye to the best computer I have ever used, may you serve somebody else as well as you served me. Smile with tongue out

For some perspective on this machines sheer size.





TexCyn said...

Good luck with the sale. It will probably go quickly.

JO said...

Good luck selling it. I'm sure someone needs it.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

TexCyn - These monsters sold for above retail for 2 years after they stopped making them. No other computer has had that kind of luck, I hope the luck continues!

JoJo - I hope so! :)

Jackie said...

This is a very large computer, indeed!
I know that you are sad to see an old friend go but look forward to the new technology of today.
Best wishes selling it.

Big Matt said...

Man, that's giving me flashbacks to Dell's nightmare XPS platform.... :p

Anonymous said...
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