Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blog's Gone Silent

I have been noticing that many of the blogs I follow have gone silent, one says unplugged and all posts are gone. Another hasn’t blogged in a over a year and he used to blog almost every day. It makes me wonder what might have happened to them. Have a they passed on, have they forgotten their blog..

You get a snippet of a persons life and you get used to reading about them and then poof, no more.

I miss “RV-Adventure-Bound”, he seemed real happy in his new campsite then he posts about possibly being hacked and we hear nothing after Halloween of 2011.

I miss “Journey Of Little Sanitee”, nothing since Jan of this year…

I miss “Happily Hitched, An RV Blog”, they were excited about another season in their new rig, they’re young newlyweds and starting this lifestyle early and their blog was fun to read, nothing since May of this year.

There is a whole slew of them that have gone silent, I hope things are going well for them and that they are so busy and happy they have no time to blog. Smile


Judy and Emma said...

Those are some of life's little mysteries, I guess.

JO said...

I hope all is well with them too. Unplugged usually takes some time off. She does comment once in a while. And some times for some reason I have nothing to say.

Merikay said...

I to wonder when a long time blog goes silent. I wish people would just do a quick post saying good by if they don't want to keep on blogging.

Sue B said...

ah yes those silent blogs..mine is just on hiatus..or maybe I am?
but yet again maybe a thought will come to me and there will be a post?

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Judy and Emma - Agreed!

JoJo - She unplugged but took all of her posts with her, that was kind of strange.

Merikay - Agreed, funny how this works, we get used to these people.

Sue - I look forward to your next post. :)

Big Matt said...

I'm slow :p.