Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Naked House

The house is nekked!!!! Today they are supposed to do the roof. Goodbye ugly stained roof!!





Merikay said...

Hope you don't get a storm in the next few days!

JO said...

You sure have a big house there. I hope they get on it and stay on it until its finished

Big Matt said...

Reminds me when my folks had their home resided around this time of year :).

Hey, I don't know if you have any free time saturday, but I will be passing through Chicago one last time this weekend if you wanted to meet and have dinner or something somewhere.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - I'm a bit worried, they haven't gotten halfway done and they're calling for rain... we'll see!

JoJo - Actually it looks much bigger than it really is. It's about 1,800 sqft, small rooms but it's fine for two people.

Big Matt - Our timing seems to be off. Unfortunatly tomorrow I'm working, what time and what part of Chi-town you going to be around?

Big Matt said...

I'm in Gary, Indiana now, and I will be visiting a shop tomorrow, so it'll be afternoon by the time I start west toward Chicago.

I'll be getting in touch with my Aunt who lives up in the Glenview area, and likely visit with her, possibly staying the night to buy time as there's an ugly front pushing through Wyoming right now and I want it gone before I try to cross the continental divide.

Plus, my brakes are being odd, so I'll be checking them tomorrow as well.

Big Matt said...
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Erik's RV Blog * said...

Big Matt - I'm working on a server tonight, well actually 3 of them. I got your message and deleted the post, I now have your cell number. Have a safe trip and we'll talk soon!

Big Matt said...

Thanks Erik :). The camper and I and the bad brakes made it safely back to Oregon yesterday morning.

Now, settled in at my folks place to visit for the thanksgiving holiday and fix the brakes before driving back to home and settling the camper in for the winter.