Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Do You Get A Tire Back Onto The Bead?

Over at Brian’s Bus Adventure back in June posted a video of him and a friend trying to get the bus tire back onto the rim’s bead. Check it out and visit his blog, he definitely has interesting adventures!

How to get a bus tire back into the bead!


Luci & Loree said...

WELL you can rest assured that i am NOT going to be anywhere near my RV with stick on fire!!! :) I am sure for me, that would spell disaster..

Big Matt said...

That's an old field method to reseat a tire with you don't have a shot tank to do it like they would in a shop.

One of the big draw backs to any RV with x.5 size rims (19.5 22.5 etc...) is that they have no bead locks which hold the tire bead in place, even with the tire pressure is low or non-existent.

Once that tire goes flat the bead usually comes loose and most of the time will not reseat unless you have a shot tank or want to use the fire method.