Monday, October 8, 2012

What A Great Weekend!

We had our Grandkids Mathew and Brian over Saturday night through Sunday morning. They went Trick or Treating and then went on the haunted hayride and haunted path. My cellphone camera doesn’t work worth a darn in the dark so I’m going to bring my T3i with from now on to have it on hand.

You saw the AC cover update, thank God that’s replaced! I am ordering the front one as well, hopefully that goes smoother!

There is one more weekend of camping at Blackhawk and then they move all of the rigs to higher ground in the campground for the winter. We will be taking ours out one more time to Geneseo on the 26th to the 29th and then returning to Blackhawk to store the RV.

The unknown right now is if I’ll be able to take the rig out during the winter months like I usually do every other week or so. The hill leading down to the campground is very steep and there is no snow removal so we’re taking a risk for sure.

We’ll see how it goes, you know I’ll post about that when the time comes! Winking smile


kcgaz said...

Erik - Glad you had fun with the Grand kids, we are looking forward to that in the future.

Judy and Emma said...

If they went trick or treating, I'm guessing they were on a sugar high?? :)

Shirley said...

Enjoy this times with your grandkids. is the first year we will miss Halloween at Yogi Bear. Our grandkids all were too busy this year. Think they will be too old from here on out.

TexCyn said...

Ah Halloween...I still remember the thrill of dressing up as a kid. I was a cowgirl ;-)

Merikay said...

My calendar says its October 8th. IIsn't Trick or Treat usually the weekend before Halloween? It Is here.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

kcgaz - Yeah it was fun!

Judy and Emma - Oh yeah, LOTS of sugar!

Shirley - Yeah, we'll be down to a few nephews and neices soon.

TexCyn - I bet you were! I remember those days, what fun!

Merikay - The campgrounds have it early because they'll be closed this week until next season.

JO said...

One of my daughters loves Halloween and she is 44. Still dresses up and goes out.LOL Enjoy the kids now they grow up to fast.