Sunday, October 28, 2012

Da Bears, Porous Front Line, WTF?!?!?

How is it after so many years of a Bears offense incapable of protecting the QB we are still watching our QB getting slapped around by everybody on the other team??? I mean seriously, it’s like our front line just looks at the defenders take their turns at hitting Cutler.

The Panthers have won 1 game this year and we’re making them look like Super Bowl champs! GOOD GRIEF!!! 6 sacks at half time, if I was Cutler I would punch everybody on the front line in the face every time I got sacked. Disappointed smile

Even if they win how can we win the Super Bowl with a porous offensive line that is the worst at protecting the QB. We were complaining about this 6 years ago, no matter who the coordinator is we suffer the same lousy protection every year. Pathetic.

Sooner or later Cutler isn’t going to get up only to get smacked around again, I’m disgusted beyond belief at these guys…. Steaming mad

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