Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy Weekend, More Repairs

We had Jared over from Friday to Saturday, we watched the movies he wanted to see and ate too much. Smile  Did I take pictures… no.. ack..  While he was there I decided on Saturday to check the walnuts on the roof and see what I could do about the stains. I tried bleach, soft scrub (gently!) and the very strong Kaboom and none of them did a thing. The roof can be cleaned however so that’s a start. I was told to try lemon juice on the side stains.

Here you can see the staining starting to fade on the roof. Figures, the side is still disgusting.


We also noticed the box elders were covering the sunny side of the rig by the thousands, even around the basement doors. When we opened a basement door they fell off in such large quantities it looked like the ground was moving. I should have shot video!

While up on the roof I saw a walnut had cracked the rear AC unit cover. While removing the screws for the cover my left hand went right through the cover… Disappointed smile  I forgot to take pictures because I was too busy trying to figure out how I could handle a gaping hole. Ronda called Collier to see if the service department was open so we took it there, I forgot to check for the model number of the AC unit… Disappointed smile  see a pattern here? Anyway I went back to the RV and found the model number & serial number and emailed them to the dealer.

I saved all of the pieces and put duct tape (it fixes everything!!) on the inside of the cover to hold all of the puzzle pieces together.IMAG1060


Here you can see the outlines of the pieces after they were all fitted back together.


Can you see the original problem? Barely! After taping from the bottom it looks almost perfect.


Here is the finished product, this is how it will stay until the new cover comes in. The cost for this new cover? $145.00 plus tax and shipping. I’m sure the front one is as brittle as the rear so I’m replacing that one next to be safe.


After that we got ready for friends to come over for a fire, forgot to take pictures… again!! Disappointed smile Well, I took one of the fire right after I got it going.. forgot the phone soon after… oy



kcgaz said...

Been there, done that...glad you were able to get it tapped up until the new one arrives! Always something to do.

JOJO said...

Duck tape did a fine job as always.
But it's always something. But you did have a good weekend with family and friends.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

kcgaz - Haven't gotten confirmation on the new cover yet, wonder how long its going to take..

JoJo - Yep, we had a great time!

Phyllis said...

Duct tape - nothing better! Walnut stains - nothing worse!