Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They Predicted 84f, It’s 95 With A Heat Index Of 102!!

How is it, yesterday they predict a high of 84f and this morning they change it to the mid 90’s? All week was supposed to be mid 80’s to high 70’s, instead it’s more like what we dealt with during the July4th vacation, HOT! I have the blankets back up over the windshield and slide windows to help the AC keep up.

   IMAG0968    IMAG0969

Yesterday we lost power when the circuit breaker overloaded at the power box. When I turned them back on it was very hot to the touch, so I’m keeping an eye on it.

Supposedly it’s going to be much cooler for the rest of the week but if they can’t predict the next day how can we trust they are going to be right?? Before hitting the post button EDIT: Scratch that! The temp tomorrow has been changed from 77f to over 90 AGAIN!!!! With the rest of the week of course being in the high 70’s, but don’t you believe it, at this rate you can bet we’ll be in the 90’s all week, wouldn’t it be nice if we all got paid to be wrong all the time? Disappointed smile Three days in a row where the prediction is over 10 degrees off, at this rate my 6 year old niece could predict the weather better. 

Ok, enough whining about inaccurate weather people… Smile with tongue out

Tonight I’m taking Ronda to “The Cellar” in Geneseo, IL for our anniversary dinner since they were closed for Labor Day yesterday. We were going to have a fire tonight like last night but it’s going to be a bit too hot so we’re going to a local store to purchase a movie and we’ll sit inside and pop some popcorn and enjoy movie night.


JOJO said...

Sorry hear about the heat. But you still have each other and a wonderful anniversary to celebrate all week. :)

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo - You're right of course! We just came in from sitting outside watching storm clouds form and it cooled off real nice.

It was nice just sitting outside watching the sky. :)

Diana said...

Yeah it's been nasty humid and hot here too. Same thing here, it was supposed to be 80's and it's been 90', 100 with heat index. It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend when we have the grandkids. I hope so. They are very outdoorsy!!
I hope there is some romance involved for this anniversary. You know we women never tire of it!!! Even when we say it doesn't matter, it does!
Love Di ♥

Sue and Doug said...

hot hot hot!..happy anniversary!!

Big Matt said...

Kinda makes me glad I won't be there till the end of the month :p.