Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leasing A Site For Next Year

We had decided to go for it if either site # 86 or site # 145 was available for next year. If not we would go back to storing the rig and taking it out for new trips a few times a month like we did the first 2 years. Site # 85 wasn’t worth it we figure, too much work to make it nice.

Here is site # 86 during the heat wave, it’s HUGE, has a large fire pit, a deck and only one neighbor which right now happens to be us in site # 85. I don’t have a picture of site # 145 and I need to go back there to make sure it’s still a site we’d be interested in. I’m told we have first dibs until this Friday.


Here are the pros and cons to leasing at Blackhawk.


Very nice campground, friendly people, very large lots and lots of room for visitors. Their pricing is the best in the area for the entire summer and with our usage the electricity has been cheap. We can get a large amount of wood (a tractor loader bucket full) for $45.00 which lasts a long time. The campground is secluded and has a far away feel when we go there, it’s about an hour and 20 minutes to get there.


There is virtually no cell phone coverage because the campground is located in a valley. Their internet connection is a 50/50 crapshoot. It seems to be up only when I don’t really need it.  Disappointed smile  The owners are nice enough but they don’t come off as particularly friendly, it doesn’t seem like they remember you. The *#&$^% walnut trees make the top of the RV black pretty quickly.

I was able to make it work for working remotely this year but it made it stressful at times. Site # 145  is on the side of the park that supposedly doesn’t work off of a repeater but I have no proof of that since the owners don’t seem to know (somebody else works on it). Site # 86 is darn near perfect for having people over and being able to spread out and have fun, it’s also pretty private and the same price as out plain jane site we have now.

Ronda really likes site # 86 and so do I so we think it’s worth it to make a go of it. We may have an issue with our door being lower than the deck but that’s something I can take care of.

Here is a map of the campground with the sites we’re looking at circled in red. Site # 145 has better shade but the site is a bit smaller, I’ll post a picture of it when I go there this Thursday.


Hard to believe another season has almost gone, this is our third season as Class A owners and we have gone out almost every single weekend, does that mean we’re no longer newbs? Smile with tongue out


Shirley said...

I don't know what you pay at Blackhawk, but we recently stayed at Sugar Shores Resort near Durand IL. It was pretty nice, and they have seasonal and event sites for sale. Don't think I would want to buy one, but seasonal would be fun. It has a lot to offer and the people seemed friendly.

TexCyn said...

I like site 86. Love all the space around you! Too bad the managers don't seem friendly though. And the river doesn't look too far away either!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Shirley - Sugar Shores is $2,300 a year and Blackhawk has a program where you have a set amount of days for $1,000 a year. We purchased that and never got close to going past our alloted time and we were there for every weekend and a full week!

I LOVE Sugar Shores but they are a bit on the expensive side for what we want to do. We always get site FG1 there and love it but we wouldn't buy a site that we couldn't use year round.

TexCyn - The managers I guess are freindly enough, maybe we're too picky it's just our impression. They don't go out of there way to talk unless it's something to do with the park.

The river is very close and the site is so large and awesome we know we'll probably end up with 86 but we need to check out 145 first.