Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mice, Smelly Dead Mice

I came up to the RV last night and I opened the door and the smell of rotting death assaulted me. I called Ronda at home to try and explain the smell and I couldn’t do it justice! I have smelled dead animals before but never one that died inside of an RV that was subjected to high heat and humidity. I spared you all by not taking a picture of what I found… oh it’s ok, no need to thank me. Smile 

Let’s just say it’s so much better to catch mice in the winter! I came here last week to cut the grass and the traps were untouched. So this unreal stench happened in the space of 6 days! I cleaned up everything and tried to clean the carpeted area under the kitchen sink. The mouse had, how do I say this… ahhhhhh well it, leaked… that’s the only word I can think of. Gross I know!

Ronda bought this odor neutralizer a while ago and after I cleaned the carpet I sprayed a liberal amount into the carpet and around the area and aired out the RV with the Fantastic fan on full blast blowing out. You know what's coming next right, oh yeah you guessed it, METHANE!!! I figured I was cleaning so why not clean the toilet? Yep, cleaned the bowl and flushed and the fan sucked a large amount of methane up into the RV.

So, dead animal smell mixed with black tank odor, more than I can handle, I left the fans going and took a drive. I came back 45 minutes later and it smelled much much better but there was still an underlying odor that was something I could deal with over night.

I was yanked out of actually sleeping (rare for me at 4:30am!) up by whatever runs on our roof every friggin morning at 4:30am, only this time there was a fluttering sound included. No clue what it is or was because whenever I investigate I find nothing. The smell is much better this morning but I either have memory of the odor or its still there slightly. I’m going to head over to Collier RV in a few minutes to discuss the emergency flashers and turn signals they fixed earlier this year. I’m going to look for something to use on the carpet and then I think I’m going home.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Teri said...

I read a RV blog the other day where they set the mouse traps outside near the wheels to stop the mice from getting inside. Moth balls may help and some online garden centers sell a product made with peppermint to deter the mice.

JOJO said...

YUCK! Sorry to hear about all your stinky problems. Dead stuff really is horrible.
We have lots of the huge raven's or crows what ever they are. They will get on the roof and run all over the place and flap their wings. Or the squirrels they alos love to run and chase each other all over the roof.These are things we learn to live with in nature.
Try some Spot Shot or shot spot what ever its called it is great for removing stains after you use that any good carpet cleaner should clean up your carpet nicely.
Hope things go better.

Merikay said...

I've been checking my traps almost every other day. Haven't caught anything for a long time, and have no mouse droppings either, but I still check. Craig wondered why I always tied the regular traps down with string. It is so that if anything did get caught it couldn't drag the trap away and die!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Teri - I'm up against the woods, I could lay out 20 traps by the tires and fill them over a weekend. :( I have tried the all of the stuff to deter them, they just keep coming.

JoJo - It's so strange! This morning whatever it was had a field day up there!!

Diana said...

Well I hope the smell dissipates quickly for you Erik. It's hard to believe that summer is quickly coming to an end! Love Di ♥

TexCyn said...

Eugh, could not make it through today's blog, but YUCK! Urp. Sorry...