Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally A Cooler Weekend Coming! Restoring Windows 7 From A Network Image After Using Windows 8 Preview

Unless they change the forecast that is, we’ll finally be able to sit around the fire possibly with sweat shirts on Saturday night, how cool will that be?

Nothing against Windows 8 but the RTM is coming out and I wanted to go back to a fully working desktop environment. Typically doing this kind of restore is easy and fast… stupid me… Disappointed smile 

I decided to restore my system back to Windows 7 from an image I created using Windows 7 to create both the image on the network and a restore DVD. How did it work? IT DIDN’T! I have restored Windows 7 from a network location before but after it refreshes the network location it comes back blank.

So now I’m copying the entire image folder to an external USB hard drive and trying again. Oh, for those of you using Windows Live Mesh to sync multiple computer Microsoft has eliminated Live Mesh from working with Windows 8 and are moving to Sky Drive, which does not sync computers… thanks Microsoft… NOT.

I’m posting this in Windows 8, the image is done copying so it’s time to his post and try this restore again. Have a great night everybody.


Rick Doyle said...

Sounds like fun. I've used a System Image created by Windows 7 and stored on an external HD to revert from Windows 8 back to my original Windows 7 and it worked flawlessly for me.

Hope you have the same result with yours!!

JOJO said...

Hope you have that cool weekend.

Diana said...

I just heard about this weekends weather and am so excited!! It seems that every weekend the husband is home, it's been too hot to be outside. I am so hoping we get to have some fun outdoors for a change.
Now you don't have to use Windows 8 at home do you? Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Rick - I've always had no problem with it either. This backup started out on the network, which has also never been a problem. Unfortunately it gets to the network location but is unable to see the backup created.

I'm using build 8400 so I'm going to rebuild the machine and see how it goes the next time, might be a bug with restoring from a network location in this build.

I'll try build 9200 next, I have the RTM Enterprise version to try next.

JoJo - Me too, we can't wait!

Diana - Yeah I'm using Windows 8 to test at home, no need for it at work yet.

Levonne said...

You remind me that I better back up my computer files! Don't you love this computer stuff?

TexCyn said...

Send me some of that cool weather PLEASE!! You can keep the tecchie stuff though...I feel like staying stupid tonight ;-)

Erik's RV Blog * said...

I'll try and send some your way soon! :)