Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Was That?? Costovertebral What??

The doctor told me something about the ribs connecting to my back and the facet joints and gave me a fancy name for my problem. Now what that name was is costovertebral sprain, say that in your Sherriff Andy voice with a wink and you’ll get a good laugh. I’m still laughing! Not out loud however, no sir, that causes pain, which ain’t good, nooo sir.

All the things I’m supposed to get done, are on hold, not sure how good I’ll be at that part… I’m heading to Blackhawk tomorrow after work but Ronda will be there tomorrow morning and I have a floor to put down… what are the odds Ronda will let me do it, slim and none, no sir, relax the entire weekend is all, I ain’t gonna do it, nooo sir!

Pert sure I’m gonna go for a hike, yess-sir that’ll show ‘er! Smile with tongue out

Have a great weekend everybody, I’m going to do as I’m told and just go for walks and enjoy time with the family when they come over Saturday and Sunday. Fire pit time! Ooo-dogggy!

Speaking of Andy Griffith, who didn’t love this show? TV today has nuthin on the good ‘ol days.

The Andy Griffith Show: Ron Howard, Frances Bavier and Andy Griffith (from left)<br /><br />© Paramount Pictures, All Rights Reserved.


JOJO said...

I sure hope you do take it easy this weekend. Back pain is no fun and can lead to worse problems. Don't need that now do you?

My weekend will be full of work. :(
cleaning up the new trailer.

Donna K said...

Some people were put off by Andy's down home style but I loved it. At least he could make things funny without becoming crude. Not happening nowadays!!

Diana said...

Oh yeah, I watched that show all the time! I also miss The Honeymooners!
You know you are doing that stubborn guy thing right??
I can't say much as I always do the stubborn woman thing too, LOL!!!
Seriously though Erik, You really should give it a break. At least another week. The work will be waiting for you when you feel better.
Does Ronda have her own roll of duct tape?! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo & Diana - It's real hard to just not do anything although lately that seems to be just what I'm doing but you're right, I need to get my back feeling better first. :)

Donna K - Agreed 100%!

Big Matt said...

Loved the old shows, collect them when I can :).

That sure is one big mouthful of a back problem there Erik :).

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Big Matt - A Yup! :)