Sunday, July 1, 2012

In-Laws 50th Anniversary

Yesterday we went to Ronda’s parents 50th Anniversary party at her brothers house. We spent the past few weeks preparing a slideshow covering their 50 years of marriage and had a blast doing it. Ronda had to secretly abscond with a very large storage bin filled with pictures and every picture album she could get her hands on.

When we started the project I was using my Dell 1600n multi-function printer to scan the pictures to my network. It died on the first picture, so after 7 years of faithful service I gave it a funeral and purchased the new HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium which worked out great because it’s easily 500% faster at scanning pictures! Fate I guess. Smile with tongue out

We showed the slideshow to everybody and they loved it. Seeing 50 years worth of pictures from their prom to having kids and grandkids was very special. They asked me to upload it so the entire family can see it. So, here it is… Open-mouthed smile  It’s a 27 minute video, it’s available at 720p resolution by clicking the little gear and selecting 720p, once you do that you can go full screen and it will look very good. This requires a fast internet connection!


Roger & Marilyn’s 50th Anniversary video slideshow.

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