Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot Hot Hot… Staying Cool Inside

I put my Cubs hat on Loki and she sat still long enough for me to take a picture.IMG_0862

The heat was hitting the front of the rig so hard there was a 20f difference in the very front of the rig. I took a comforter and the temperature cooled off inside instantly. 


We went for a walk this morning, here are a few sites that the people have gone to great lengths to spruce up. A lot of work considering they are leasing their lots.





The Frog pond, down over 2 feet! We need rain soon or it’s going to dry up.


The tent camping area, not a soul here, this place is generally pretty full up on weekends. I spoke to the people in the office, there should be a lot of people here on the 4th but probably not full because of the 100f days we’re supposed to get straight through next weekend.


Some very brave people! This row was full of tent campers and all but one group has pulled up stakes. I used to do a lot of tent camping, I’m glad I now have AC! Not real camping anymore but for us that’s a good thing, my back would never handle it.


That’s it for now, stay cool! Smile with tongue out


JOJO said...

Its hot enough in a rig never mind in a tent. Poor people must have been looking forward to a fun weekend. Its awful hot here too.
Stay cool

Diana said...

Wow some of those people really get into the whole landscaping thing!
Their spaces look better then my yard, LOL!!
We used to do lots of tent camping too Erik. That was over 30 years ago when my two oldest were little.
Our backs couldn't take it anymore either.
It sounds like you had some quite time even through this horrible heat.Loki even looked relaxed! Good for you. Love Di ♥

Merikay said...

I have decided the place to be this summer is the Pacific Northwest! Crater Lake, high today will be 70* in the sunshine, 40s* overnight. The drive around the lake is still partially closed with snow.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo - Yeah, they looked like they were miserable but the kids were having fun! :)

Diana - I know right? Talk about commitment to somebody elses property! We are going to do a few things here but nothing that will stay here after we leave.

Merikay - Wow, here it will be 78 tonight and about 100 during the day every day this week, sounds like some good hiking for you and the hubby! Have a great time!

Levonne said...

Hi! Thanks so much for following Maple Leaves and Comfort Tea. Its chilly in Parksville, BC. Wishing I had some of that heat!

Big Matt said...

A number of those sites look similar to my site at Island Cove.

I'm picking up a load of 12x12 concrete pavers (Free) to finish the backyard patio around the deck and the flower garden.

Out front I have two raised beds that I grow vegetables in every year and a couple of potted trees.