Sunday, June 3, 2012

We Pulled The Trigger On A Site At Blackhawk Valley Campground

We gave it a lot of thought and did the math on how much it will cost to go out most weekends and pay RV park prices over the next 5 months. Since the owner pro-rated the site the price was something we couldn’t turn down. The season runs from April 15th to October 15th.

Blackhawk Valley Campground


Site # 84, can’t see it very well because it has TREES! Thumbs up Open-mouthed smile Smile with tongue out. So, go figure, we could have decided this earlier and saved some of the wood we burned and saved the cost of a few days camping, doh!


We spent the weekend as “weekenders” on site 83 and ended it as “members” for the season on site 84. Site 83 is fine but is in need of too much work to be usable for us.


Site 84 has no mud, an easier way for us to decide if we want to keep doing this next year. We move from site 83 to site 84 next weekend and they’ll let us borrow their mower to cut the grass.


The previous people built a brick and plastic patio, not perfect but better than mud and we can fix it up. The campground owner is going to add more gravel and we’ll take it from there next weekend. The money we’ll save will easily exceed the amount of fuel we typically use plus we will still be able to go to Geneseo to begin the season on March 31st and end the season on October 31st in time for their Halloween celebration. Smile with tongue out


We’re going to pick up some solar lights and other trinkets for the site this week, when the owner puts down the gravel we’re going to level the site and put down blocks and rubber pads for the leveling jacks. We aren’t going to go crazy and build a deck or anything like that, just make it nice enough to enjoy when we go there.

There are a few issues, cell phone coverage and their internet wasn’t consistent. So I’m looking into a repeater for my Verizon MiFi, typically if there is no signal though a repeater or high gain antenna won’t help, there has to be signal to boost after all.

I’ll post more as we go, have a great week everybody!


Teri said...

I think this is a good idea, saving on fuel, and knowing that you have a sight to go to. Have a fun summer. We used to rent a spot at Whispering Pines Campground in Marseilles in the 90's. They have new owners and are now Four Star Campground, I think,

JOJO said...

Great idea. The cost of gas is out of site and this sure does make up for it. looks like a nice site too.
And now you won't have to pay storage will? until you bring the rig back for the winter.

Nan said...

Looks like you are going to have a relaxing summer! And you will be saving $$$ and wear & tear on your motorhome. You win on every count!

Judy and Emma said...

Just packing a small bag and some groceries will cut down on stress, I'm thinking. :)

Sue and Doug said...

congrats on your decision!!..should be a fun summer for you and Rhonda!

Merikay said...

Looks like a good plan! With gas as pricey as it is, staying put in a nice place is a good idea.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sounds like a good way to get the feel and enjoy your RV.

Anonymous said...

Actually been thinking about doing the same thing. Just need to convince Val. Have fun!

Bruce (& Val)

Diana said...

Good for you and Ronda Erik. It sounds like a great solution.
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Teri - Fuel and time were the determining factors for sure. We can't wait to get there tomorrow night!

JoJo - We aren't sure about storage yet. There is a very steep hill so if there is snow on the ground it could get locked in because they don't plow it. If we have a winter like the last one we should be able to store it at Blackhawk. We'll see.

Nan - Agreed! :)

Judy and Emma - AGreed, not having to go get the rig and set up is going to make things easier for sure.

Sue and Doug - Thanks!

Merikay - Agreed, plus we can still go to Geneseo and other places when we want to.

The Good Luck Duck - Yep, plus it will give me a place to install the wood floor finally!

Bruce and Val - Come on down! There are sites available and they pro-rate so you get a huge discount for the rest of the year!

Diana - Yep! Big time!