Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium

My old Dell 1600n all-in-one bit the bullet earlier last month so I did some research. What to buy that will make scanning to both a network share or a computer easy enough for my wife to use for a project she is working on? You’d think in 2012 there would be a large choice but that hasn’t been the case. Most had something about them that ruled them out. Then I found this new series from HP, the 8600 Pro Premium.

While this printer is inkjet it is supposed to equal a laserjet in quality and supposedly uses less ink per page. We’ll see how this plays out in use. One surprise is the printer came with two sets of ink, that was nice to see. It also came with a duplexing unit and a second paper tray. Initial printing of documents and pdf files are crisp and as good as my previous laser.

The self alignment failed but the printer seems to print fine. I’m going to finish the project Ronda needs help with and then contact HP to get the unit replaced or get it to align properly since their tools thus far have failed. Maybe HP has something else I can try.

Setting up scanning to both a computer and network share worked perfectly as does scanning to both directly from the printer itself. I also set up the web printing and it tested perfectly, not that I’ll use it but you never know right? The display is easy to use and it’s pretty fast as well. So far I like the printer, even if it failed the alignment process HP should care for that. I’d recommend it for a very small or home office that doesn’t do a large amount of printing but does a lot of scanning. Winking smile 

Here is a video preview from cnet.


Sue and Doug said...

nice printer..the one we have if you are out of one colour of ink it will not print..out of black ink at the moment..geesh..what colour will be next?..usually as soon as I buy one new one and put it in withing a few days there is another colour that is out!..drives me crazy!!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Sue and Doug - Ouch, that can be a pain! I'm hoping the ink lasts like HP says it will, we'll see! I have to get it to align properly as well.