Friday, June 8, 2012

The Dragon Is Dead

I want to have a funeral for it, I’m going to miss it very much. I bought this HP HDX Dragon 20” beast of a laptop (lap crusher) in Feb of ‘07 and it was the best machine I have ever owned. Not the fastest mind you, just the best. Where else could you get such a cool machine with a built in 1920x1200 resolution display? Last year after posting about replacing the machine I installed an SSD hard drive which made the machine seem so much faster than it really was.SSD’s are good at that, power on, in Windows in 15 seconds, open any application, instantly. Now.. it’s dead. Crying face


I’m hoping to replace it with the newly revised HP Pavilion Premier DV7T-7000 Quad edition laptop. I just found out today that they finally brought back the backlit keyboard Thumbs up and it can handle up to 16gigs of memory. I already have an SSD from my Dragon to use in this machine so the included 750gig hybrid drive will be the storage drive. The i7 CPU will be the 3820QM Quad Core which is easily as fast as my Dual Xeon Quad Core desktop that I have at home. The NVidia GT 650M has 2gigs of DDR5 memory and will easily handle anything I throw at it.


HP is having a promotion right now lowering the price $200.00 and including an upgrade to 8gigs of memory (I’ll be getting 12gigs) plus a Blu-Ray drive so this will easily handle all of the duties I will be running and then some. If I get it, we’ll see. For now I’m using my 17” MacBook Pro at home and in the RV, which I’m selling as soon as I get a new machine and at work I’m using a 6 year old Frankenstein HP/Compaq 8510p laptop I cobbled back together with spare parts and eBay. Fine for emergency use, not fine as a daily machine.

I haven’t figured out if I’m getting this yet or not but I’m hoping to, we’ll see! If I do I’ll post a write up about it.

Have a great weekend folks! The boss errrrrr I mean the wife and I are heading back to Blackhawk tonight where I’ll be working remotely tonight and tomorrow, what better place to do it than in the RV! Open-mouthed smile


Ash ley said...

My condolences. I have an IBM Thinkpad that is on it's way out (missing keys, randomly freezing, etc). It will be a sad day when she refuses to boot up.

The Tuckerbag

Diana said...

My daughters laptop died too. No surprise to me though. Teens, ya know!!
Where there is a will there's a way Erik! Love Di ♥