Sunday, June 10, 2012

Decisions Decisions…. Which Site To Take At Blackhawk?

We had decided on site # 84 because site # 79 was on Packer Drive, there is no way a Bear fan leases a site on Packer lane, that would be just plain wrong. Sarcastic smile  Plus it was very small.


Site # 84 offers the lazy way to camping, everything is done, there is a brick and plastic brick patio and grass and it’s very nice and basic. Part of the day would be under shade and and there is a lot of space to have the nieces and nephews play across from us. Simply park and enjoy!

The big issue to me is the ability to work when I’m here. Since my Verizon MiFi gets zero signal down here and a cell repeater or high gain antenna can’t amplify zero signal it’s useless to me to have it at this park. The RV Park wireless signal is strong but it’s on a repeater in this section that seems to drop off of it’s connection to the main which is driving our decision to try site # 129, I’ll explain that more later.

Site # 84, large and grassy and kind of shady, very nice!IMAG07522

When we got here last night the owner told my wife they did some work to site # 129. We ruled this one out originally because as you can see the sewer pipe was above ground and the water hookup was behind the RV. He also told us that the main internet connection is located off the office and rarely has issues. We were supposed to have the weekend to decide which site we wanted to keep. EDIT: It turns out we actually only had Saturday because a couple came in and wanted one or the other as well, ack. So we chose site # 129 for better or for worse.

As you can see by the red circle LOTS of trees!Blackhawk

Site #129 before they put the sewer pipe underground and moved the water connection.


I didn’t get a picture of the site with the pipe buried and the water moved but this picture should help show that the sewer is now underground, (you can’t see it but it’s next to that brick) and the water connection has been moved as well.IMAG0783

We have to lay grass seed meant for areas that see very little sun.


I am going to manually grade this and get grass seeded next weekend. They made the site bigger which really is nice but will take a bit of work to make usable.


If you’re looking at this picture and wondering how I backed it in there alone, I did it very very carefully! Smile with tongue out  Our neighbor two doors down told me I had “big ones” backing it in alone between all of the trees. The site slopes too much so I need to build ramps for the front tires to raise it up more. The jacks took them off the ground to make it level so I have some work to do.


Loki is staying off of the dirt, such a good dog! We’ll get grass there soon enough!


The playground is right there, the field is at least 5 or more acres!





The only issues with our site is the following, TREE SAP  Disappointed smile I forgot about tree sap and the rig is covered with it today! That and the entire day today the internet was down, all access points were kaput. I’m going to have a discussion with the owner because this is two weekends in a row where the campground is near empty and the internet connection is down on Sunday.

If this is how it is going forward, I may have made the wrong choice, site # 84 would have sufficed for this year. Since we are locked into site #129 I am going to do my best to make it the way Ronda wants it which means getting grass to grow so we don’t have the rig surrounded by dirt.

Here is the HUGE plus for this site, it was in the 90’s today and it was so easy to keep the rig cool! YAY!! Smile with tongue out  In my view this will really save us money since we have to pay the electric now. I’ll just have to wash the rig more than expected and the windshields will get a bath every weekend we are there.

Sorry for the ultra long post, but considering the amount of pictures I took of the entire campground I could have really gone to town!

Have a great week everybody!


JOJO said...

I think with a little TLC it will be really nice. As for the sap... My car is loaded every summer up here. Its a pain but its worth the cooler temps. Sometime the wifi can be an issure until they work out the bugs. With your knowledge maybe you can help Barter a little.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo - Agreed, the lower temps are worth it. I have to get the owner to allow my help which I'm going to discuss with him next week.

Wanderin' said...

We bought an outside wifi antenna for picking up signals at RV parks. Then, we carried it around for a year and never used it. We've stuck with the Wilson antenna and amplifier. However, now we're thinking we might add a repeater to that for a little home base we have. Signal is good but we always want it better.

Big Matt said...

So, any better luck at that spot for picking up a Verizon signal or is it just as dead as the other end of the park?

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Wanderin' - I get onto the park wireless no problem, it's their internt connection that keeps going down.

Big Matt - Nope, nothing, it's like the twilight zone in that valley.

OWS said...

that is 1 ugly trailor! my dads is nicer n mine will be to! he ordrd mine 4 weeks ago and it will be here soon! how dos it makes u feel knouing im gonna heve 1? hahahahahahahahahahahah

Erik's RV Blog * said...

OWS - If Mommy and Daddy bought you an RV I'm happy for you. Why you feel its something you can brag about to try and knock somebody is beyond me.

Our RV is not a trailer, it's a motorhome. It may not be your cup of tea since it's not new and bought by Mommy and Daddy but it's ours and we like it so bug off.

coal said...

Good blog you have going on here. Nice rig too. When I go seasonal camping I always park in the shade and therefore get the tree sap leaves and a general mess on the fiver, but cooler temps and the ac not working as hard. The price for comfort.