Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blackhawk Campground Part 2

Took some pictures of the main office and sign with my HTC Thunderbolt tonight, turns out if you really hold it still it takes decent pictures at night. Thumbs up



Here is the train running at night. They have been at Blackhawk for 16 years! Wow! The train looks awesome at night and they can remote control everything including the train horn.





I took other pictures but they turned out blurry. While we were there we could hear the Rockford Air show. I tried to capture the planes but when I was ready for them, none would show, when I put my phone down they would go screaming by. I got one decent shot, cell phone is just too slow! Confused smile


I spent 9 hours trying to use up the wood supply, I failed but we had fun trying! I started the fire at 3:30 and gave up at 12:30am. We went for a long walk and enjoyed the beautiful temps, perfection!


Here it is at 10:15pm… tiny fire ring, big fire!


At 10:15 I still had this much wood left over.


At 1:00am this is how much hot coals and ash were in the fire ring.


That’s it for tonight, errr I mean this morning!

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