Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RV Slide Motor Update

I spoke with the service manager at the dealer this morning and he told me he thought it might be a good idea to use the current motor and I agreed 100%. I did ask him to build a better more professional mount that will fit under the factory cover and to use rubber bumpers so the motor is cushioned when in use and last to seal the opening’s where the mounting bracket mounts broke off. He agreed and will talk to the tech, this should work very well going forward and make life easier for the tech who will now not have to take everything apart to make it work.

Here is how it looks now, hopefully they are able to make one that looks as good as this one performs.


Here you can see the top left of the motor has a hole as does the top right. Other than that the motor is one hundred percent functional.


We’ll see how it goes when they call me back with an update this week.  Thumbs up  Winking smile

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