Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Have A Varmint

Flu update, Ronda recovers fast! She feels much better but sounds horrible, I’m feeling much better as well but we’re both a bit weak. This was a nasty bug for sure but we’re getting there.

A mouse has decided to move into our humble abode, didn’t sign a lease, no money, nuthin, just plopped it’s little ass into the kitchen somewhere and made it’s home. Not on my watch! I put out these new fangled mouse traps with big orange flaps and the mouse quickly ate the peanut butter from all of them like it was feast time.

I’m guessing the company that made them must have done RV work in the past, clearly the mouse must be near rat sized to get snared in these new fangled traps?? I put out 6 traps, the mouse cleaned all of them, I mean CLEANED them! I opened a kitchen drawer this morning and find mouse poop everywhere, so out comes everything to be cleaned.

I’m working today so have to do this in spurts but after 4pm this afternoon it’s gloves off! Going to Home Depot, buying the old fashioned mouse traps and that mouse will be history by morning! Then, we have to rip apart the entire kitchen and clean everything, drawers, cabinets, the works.

Tomorrow this house will be mouse free… oh yes it will. Winking smile


Sue and Doug said...

darn little rodent!!!..happy mouse hunting!

Merikay said...

Most of the time regular traps work quite well. Last fall I had one that eluded me thru several nights, regular traps, and a sticky trap. (Got caught in it and dragged it from the bathroom to the kitchen where if finally got out.

I then bought an expensive electronic trap. Zapped it in one night! I was expensive ($40) but I know that if It can get any critter around!

Good luck tonight!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

The thot of mice is YUKKY!! Happy to hear the two of you are on the mend -- now get out there and capture that mouse!

JOJO said...

I hate those filthy little things. I started noticing droppings here last year in the drawer that holds cleaning supplies. I bought Bars Bate and put it under the trailer no more mice. I made sure the holes were covered so nothing else would be poisoned.
Good Luck

glad you and Ronda are better.

Karen and Al said...

That happened to us once too. I had to clean all the kitchen drawers out numerous times before we finally got rid of the mouse.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Good luck catching that mouse. We have been lucky so far to not have had any in the motorhome but we have had them in our house before. One thing you might want to try is to line up 3 of the traps side by side, that often works because then they will try to cross one to get at the other. Just a thought.

Don't forget to vote for us,

Kevin and Ruth

Diana said...

You need a cat!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

I bought new original flavor mouse traps and will place them tonight. These ‘ol fashioned ones never miss so I’m confident we’ll be rid of them by Tuesday at the latest.

Sue and Doug – I always get ‘em! Never had them in the house before, cold snap brought it in I guess. Time to serve permanent eviction papers!

Merikay – This is the first time I strayed from the original style traps and it burned me. I thought about the electronic kind but I think these will do the job. If not, then time for the electronics!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan – We’re working on it! I hate them varmints!

JoJo – Never heard of that, will check it out though thanks!

Karen and Al – Hopefully we get this little bugger quickly, they can be tricky but I have enough traps and peanut butter to choke a horse… wait, that didn’t come out right.

Kevin and Ruth – I tried lining them up with the newer traps but the little guy just cleaned all of them. I am going to line up a few of the old versions as well, this little mouse will soil no more drawers! I have voted for you several times and will keep doing so, good luck!

Diana – We have a cat, it’s useless!!

TexCyn said...

darn little varmit. Did it read the box that the traps came in? Maybe it's how it managed to steal from the traps. They can be clever little things! And I hate having to take everything out of the drawers to wash because of them!