Sunday, April 15, 2012

RV Carpet

I called a few places today, it seems getting a company in my area to replace the carpet will be more expensive than re-carpeting my house. I’m at a loss as to why this is so, looks like I’m going to try and figure out a way to do it myself, the big problem is doing the carpet under the slide area.

If this area isn’t done properly the slide could begin ripping the carpet up and doing damage to it and the carpet. Something to ponder for sure.

Have a great week everybody.


Donna B. McNicol said...

Erik, here are some links that might help. We will be replacing our half carpet/half vinyl flooring with all laminate flooring (wood look) sometime in the next year. We have the same slide issue...and we constantly fight carpet/flooring stains from the slides coming in. KZ has tried several things but never fully cured the problem. Sigh...

Diana said...

I somehow think that you can figure this out just fine Erik!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

Donna - Thanks, I have also found some sites for replacing the carpet. My big issue is the where to do it as we lack the space. :(

Diana - You're right, just tinkin out loud. :)~

TexCyn said...

It is expensive to it worn out or just stained? If stained, I wonder if dying it would make a difference? Lets just buy carpet sample squares, I'll bring the super glue ;-)

Big Matt said...

Erik, it might be simpler to tear up the carpet entirely and simply go with vinyl flooring, Allure flooring (very easily to install), or a pergo hardwood floor.

Reinstalling carpet is always a trick because of the need to properly stretch it and latch it in place.

For the days when the floor might cold, most folks use removable rugs to insulate their feet which can easily be removed and cleaned or simply tossed and replaced.

coal said...

I jus replaced the carpet in my fiver this past winter, living room and bedroom, installer charged me 180 bucks and I bought the carpet. I tore it all out myself.

I replaced the kitchen carpet with linoleum for the main floor and also the kitchen slide, what I did was just let the linoleum drape over the edge of the slide onto the main floor, just like the carpet would. Works well.

In the colder months I put down throw rugs.

I have had the wood flooring in the past, just did not stand up to the high traffic in the kitchen. Having two German shepherds does not help either. Stuff I have now is a neutral color and hides the paw prints a lot better as we used to have to wash the floor multiple timed a day with the dark wood flooring, cherry color.