Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RV Update

Just got a call from Collier RV, it cost $686.00 to do the following work, wash RV, wash RV roof, wax front and rear caps, shampoo carpet in main cabin only, repair emergency flasher(s), replace burnt out bulb in third brake light. Turns out they had to spend hours looking for the flasher problem, it was a ground under the hood. When I took electronics repair, the first thing we were taught to check, was the ground, ugh. The third brake light had to be re-wired completely because they claimed it wasn’t working at all and couldn’t figure out why. So they wired it to one of the brake lights and they claim it’s LED so won’t pose a problem, I don’t remember it being LED so we’ll see when I get there.

I have to take them at their word until I get there, I find it hard to believe that knowledgeable RV mechanics don’t know how the flasher is wired or how the third brake light is wired. Holiday Rambler and Ford both have schematics available as this is the F53 chassis and thousands are out there. I’m trying not to think negatively here but I also remember the dealer we bought from installed new headlights and I had to re-wire not only them but the marker lights and turn signals because everything was wrong and not working properly even though the dealer QC said everything was “perfect”.

Collier ends up doing the job right but in the past I have had to return because it wasn’t done right the first time. In the end they get it right and I have not seen the rig yet so I’m clueless about how good of a job they did. I do know this, they did the washing and carpet cleaning before doing the wiring so that means dirty mechanics have been in and out of the rig after it was cleaned, which seems a bit backwards to me.

Between the tires and this work we are now at the cost of installing the Michelin tires by themselves so I’m glad I found tires that saved us enough to get this work done as well. I am going to try and get there some time this week before they close to I can inspect everything and bring it home to work on the Allure floor and washing the interior and de-winterize it.

I’m going to try and think positive folks I promise! I’ll post an update when I have one.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Owning an RV is like putting a kid through college, more money every time you turn around. I could write several pages on dealing with RV repairs and an incompetent workforce. Maybe sometime over a campfire instead. Hope all is repaired to your satisfaction!

Bruce (& Val)

Erik's RV Blog said...

Bruce (& Val) - I hear ya, hopefully the issues you were dealing with are all resolved as well. The campground doesn't open for a while yet but I'll be there plenty this year.

Hope to see you both there! Maybe I'll even have the new flooring down by then and can show it off!

Take care!

TexCyn said...

I hope all was done right! I'll be looking forward to your blogs of your installation of the new flooring.
I took my RV back in yesterday. I hope they get it right this time & don't scratch my truck part again...Service techs are just not careful!!

Sunny said...

Unfortunately, Erik, that seems to be the way things go anymore. Very few repair places are reliable. They slap it on, call it done and charge you a big price. Hopefully that is all you will need to do and you can just enjoy RVing for the season.