Saturday, March 31, 2012

RV Update – Didn’t Pick It Up

I went to pick up the RV this morning, I was very happy to see no white chalk streaks from the huge rain storm we had. They had the rig waiting in the delivery section of the lot and it was nice to see it still relatively clean with no streaks what so ever, fantastic! As I go around the rig I notice new stickers on each side and on the back of the rig plus a new license plate holder, all of them saying Collier RV. Disappointed smile 

Last year it took me 6 hours to remove the stickers from the dealer we bought the RV from. Seeing these stickers started the boiler going a bit, who gave these guys permission to put stickers on my RV?!?!? I parked the car and went for a walk around the parking lot, called the wife to let her know we had dealer stickers again and then walked inside.

I walked up to the counter and explained the sticker problem. He has no idea why they would put stickers on a customers rig but offers to have them removed. I paid them for the work performed and went out to start the genny and let it run for awhile to charge up the house batteries a bit and one of the service guys will follow me to storage and drive me back to my car. That was the plan….

I got to the RV and open the door and am met with dirty carpet. Disappointed smile Sigh… I shot this video because it does a fantastic job of capturing just how dirty the carpet is, it’s unreal.

Dirty Carpet, they forgot to clean it.

I walk back into the service department and ask the service guy to come out with me. I open the door and go in and he follows, I quietly and nicely explain the carpet is filthy so apparently they might have vacuumed it but forgot to shampoo it. He agrees, he says it’s obviously not cleaned so I shut off the genny and hand him the keys.

They’re going to clean the carpet and remove the dealer stickers this week. I had a talk with him and explained it seems each thing we have worked on takes two times to get right, he apologizes and we head back to the service department.

It’s not like they aren’t nice people, they’re easy to work with and they do finally get it done but with gas costing almost $5.00 a gallon and us living an hour away it gets expensive driving out there only to have to go back home without the rig.

I’m going to call the service manager on Monday and have a talk with him. I’m hoping to get a good break on the carpet cleaning to help offset the gas cost. We’ll see what they say then….

Have a great weekend everybody.


Sue and Doug said...

my goodness! for the stickers? husband's thoughts on those darn dealer stickers..he removes them..we are not paid to advertise!!

Merikay said...

Craig won't wear the free hat we got because it hs the dealer logo on it.

H also removed the licence plate holder. But we had had a negative feeling bout the dealer. I think if we had liked the dealer these would have been ok.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sue and Doug - Agreed, talk about cajones!! If there are stickers on it when I go back next week I may lose it.

Merikay - Agreed, I explained that to the service guy as well. I told him hey, first if you guys did it right the first time and then asked me I would at least think about it but to just slap your stickers on my RV without asking, not cool at all. Not doing the job, not cool either!

Sunny said...

Seems to be the way of things anymore. I just had tv cable, phone and internet service installed this week and they had to take out the old wiring. Trouble was they left it lay all over the yard outside. Go figure.... Just got to keep after them till they get it right and try to keep a smile on your face :)

JOJO said...

Did you say last week that they told you they shampood the carpet and since you didn't ask they gave you $25. off the price. What nerve they have to charge you anything and lie about cleaning the carpet. Maybe they thought you wouldn't notice. Its so hard to find good service.

Hope Ronda is healing well and doing well.

TexCyn said...

Wow, what's up with these service depts??!!! It's just nuts. What are we dealing with these days anyhow?? I swear. It sucks. I can't believe that on top of it all, they stuck stickers on your rig!! Wow. I was just anxious to grab my rig last week & get it back in my hands again. They scratched it up, but when I complained, they compounded them out. And yes, the carpet was filthy after the rebuild. I put carpet runners in the rig, they took them out & walked all over the carpeting! I provided plastic for them I have stains to clean up out of the drivers & passenger seats. They just don't care :-( But no stickers! I can't believe they were that brazen.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sunny - Agreed, seems to me people don't take pride in their work anymore. Get in, get out and worry only if the customer complains.

JoJo - Yep, not sure what they based it on because it's obvious it wasn't cleaned. They aren't even sure at this point if they charged me for the cleaning... Ronda is having a rough patch right now but the meds help keep it in check. I hope she blogs about it soon.

TexCyn - I had to go for a walk before going into the service department when I saw the stickers. I called Ronda as well because she knows how to keep my boiler down.

Wow, they took the runners out, it just seems that hiring good help is darn near impossible these days. It must be because I keep running into people who have the same issues.

I hope they clean up the mess for you!

Big Matt said...

You seriously have got to move out the Chicago area, most of the rest of the state is around $4.00 or under.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - We need to move out of the entire state! Illinois SUCKS cost wise.