Sunday, March 25, 2012

RV Show & Detailing

I picked up the rig from Scott’s RV yesterday and paid the tab. When I went to unlock the door I found scratches in the black paint around the key hole’s again. Disappointed smile I swear, how friggin hard is it to insert the key without bouncing it off the paint first? Every place I take it to scratches the black protective paint around the key holes and it drives me batty.

In the scheme of things it costs 30 bucks to paint so it looks like I’ll be doing it again, heck why not just make painting the the door handle again a yearly thing just for giggles?

         Here is the door handle after re-painting it again last year.


The rig drove so nice with the new tires, expansion joints were nearly silent so I was very happy with them. Collier always scratches the door handle too so I don’t think I can get away from it. As long as the work performed is done properly I guess I can re-paint the door handle, it just sucks people can’t find the key hole.

On to the RV show…

Collier RV was having an RV show/sale so my brother and I decided to check it out since we were dropping the rig off to get the roof cleaned and protected from chalking any way. I didn’t take a picture of our rig because the chalking was so bad there wasn’t any blue showing anywhere, the rig was truly disgusting. Collier is going to check out the roof and see what can be done to prevent the chalking. At some point we are going to paint the rear cap and top of the front cap so bye bye chalk for good.

My battery was almost dead so I got 1 picture at the show. It was of a Serrano 33A front engine diesel that blew me away for the money. We also saw two 5th wheel Redwood models and they were the very top end of the spectrum, very sweet layouts and awesome to look at.


On the way home we saw this fire truck and I had to take a picture of it, how cool is that thing? Smile with tongue out


Today I decided to detail my wife’s Escape, it took a large chunk of the day to do and I couldn’t get the crap off of the wheels so I need to buy some good chrome cleaner. The unfortunate part of it is the wheels are plastic/chrome so not as easy to clean as real chrome. It turned out pretty well though I think and the wife is happy.


Have a great week everybody!


Diana said...

I was wondering Erik if you've ever seen the movie "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez? It's one of my all time favorites and I thought about it this morning while reading your blog.
I love those R.V. shows. It's fun to daydream! Love Di ♥

Kathy's Klothesline said...

How hard is it to hit the keyhole? Hmmmm, about as hard as it is to stay on the road and off the grass!

Sweet job on the wife's ride.

TexCyn said...

Good that you finally got the tires done, I'll bet you feel a lot better about that now. But those service dept folks, they just are NOT careful!! PPL did damages to my rig due to carelessness. Felton's scratched up the truck part of my RV!!! I have to take it back to them tomorrow, I'm dreading it now.

Good job on your wife's vehicle!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Diana - We LOVE that movie! Last year the week of our first outing we watched the long long trailer and RV to kick the season off. ;)

Kathy - You got that right!! I couldn't do your job, I'd lose it for sure!

TexCyn - Yeah, getting the tires done felt good, it hurt the pocket book but what can ya do. I really wish the guys working at RV centers would think first but all they care about is turning it around and getting it out the door. I am tempted to call Scott and let him know this will be the second time I have to paint the door handle because of his guys, I'll have to think about it.

Big Matt said...

Erik, did you remember to clear coat the paint after you did it last time?

It might be worth the time to put 4 or so layers of clear over the paint so that the next time drunk techs work on it, the clear will take the beating instead of the color.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - I asked the body shop to do it last time and he said there was no need. I'm going to do the job myself this time including using clear. They actually make something that can be put around the key holes but they would likely ruin that as well.

Diana said...

I loved "R.V." too !!
Love Di ♥

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