Thursday, March 22, 2012

Health & Tire Updates

I took Ronda to the doctor yesterday and they removed the staples and drain. The removal of the drain removed the main part of what was causing her pain. Apparently it was hitting something inside… Disappointed smile  Annnnnnyway she is doing great and today she is on her own for the first time since before the surgery.

I tried to leave without waking her up but the dog and cat made that impossible. The cat believes she is all that matters and makes it well known when she is to be given attention (meaning food). You put her food down and her majesty looks at it, sniffs it a few times and goes back to bed to eat it later…. cats, ugh… Disappointed smile 

The dog was doing great, she quietly got up and it seemed she was getting my attempt at letting her out QUIETLY but nope, right in front of Ronda she shakes herself ears flapping, jowls slapping and then she blast through the living room to go out. She stops in front of me and turns her head to look at me funny like she was thinking “what, isn’t this what you wanted?”. Ronda is now awake… Disappointed smile… perfect.. She got a good nights sleep but forgot I was going in to work today, I felt guilty leaving but she is doing great so should be ok.

I got the results back from the Oncology/Hematology Doctor, my blood work didn’t show any kind of disease or issues except my Lymphocyte count is still low but everything else was spot on. I have to say I was very happy about that, Ronda is on the way to losing weight and becoming more healthy, which means bye bye CPAP and possibly no more BP drugs and I’m slowly losing weight and bringing my A1C down, life is good. That’s 3 words you have not seen in this blog EVER. It felt great to say it.

On to the RV, Scott called me to say I was missing a wheel cover lug nut cover, which I knew but have not been able to find and he also said he has to grind off one of my valve cover extensions. The valve cover extensions were installed last March, how could it have rusted already?!?!? Ugh so there will be a little more money going into this but hopefully not too much.

He still has to do the brake inspection and he thinks he has a spare lug nut cover so hopefully the brake news is good.I should hear more today or tomorrow. If all goes well I will be taking the RV to Collier RV on Saturday to get the roof cleaned and hopefully they wash the RV as well. I’ll be calling today to make the appointment, oh yeah, have to get the propane filled as well. Thankfully I filled the gas tank a few weeks ago!

What can I say, we have our health, a very nice RV and we both have jobs, too many people aren’t as lucky so we consider ourselves blessed.

Have a great Thursday everybody! Smile with tongue out


The fake lug nut cover looks like the ones pictured below.  


They go into the wheel simulators that make our ugly wheels look nice and shiny.



Anonymous said...
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Erik's RV Blog said...
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Merikay said...

Yes, a job and your heath are reasons to be happy. Now if we just had more time!

Merikay said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been working on losing a few pounds also. Can't see myself roasting a piece of broccoli over the campfire. Perhaps a mushroom, at least it starts with an M. Glad you two are doing well.

Bruce (& Val)

Teri said...

Great attitude. You guys are working together to have a great life. Gratitude is THE Attitude! (There is a book with that title).

Michelle said...

Pretty wheels I must say.
On the weight part I too am looking to lose pounds. Its amazing how life looks when you take better care of yourself. Carry on!

TexCyn said...

Good luck on the lug nut cover. I had to find a lug nut for my RV about a year ago. Just the nut, not the cover. Called everywhere, finally found one at O'Reilly's. If you have them, give them a call.
Glad to hear that Rhonda is on the mend now. Yep, the critters will do anything to blow sleeping in!
PS, I've not mentioned it before, but I think it's very special that you keep your Mother's picture on your blog. Makes me smile.

JOJO said...

Happy you both are doing so well. That is always a good thing.
And you RV seems to be on its way to good health to. :)

JOJO said...

Happy you both are doing so well. That is always a good thing.
And you RV seems to be on its way to good health to. :)

Rae said...

I am sorry for being behind on Rhonda's updates. So glad to hear that she is progressing well. Your report from the hematologist is good news too. Sending you both prayers and well wishes.

Diana said...

Erik I'm so happy to hear Rhonda is doing good. I've been wondering about her and please tell her that I miss her blog posts. Also very glad you are improving your own health as well. It seems to be a constant struggle as we age but such is life right?! Hugs to you both!
Love Di ♥