Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gotta Love The USPS

I received the heat sink for the new CPU’s, I received the video card and cables and even the new case sticker. The CPU’s were shipped via USPS, anybody know where they are? Nope, somewhere in Illinois though they know that much!  Steaming mad

I never use them to ship anything more complicated than a letter, I wish I could trust them more but they seem utterly incapable of shipping an item without shredding it and throwing it into your mailbox in a baggy filled with useless paper or they lose it or it’s destroyed.

I called them, per customer service I don’t qualify for calling customer service until the item has been lost for 5 days…. Disappointed smile  Ummm qualify to speak to customer service? I need to qualify?? They wonder why they are broke?? I have a few ideas…

Here is the video card I decided on, I typically like NVidia but this ATI/AMD card features the ability to hook up 4 monitors natively off of one card. It’s a beast and barely fits but it runs quiet and it’s pretty fast, need the new CPU’s so this thing can stretch its legs though!

MSI Twin Frozr II6950_Frozr


Merikay said...

Hi Erik. I couldn't seem to find an email link for you.
I might be wrong, but
Recently, Suzy at "Our Life on Wheels" had surgery like what I think Rhonda is facing.
Their URL is:

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - Ok, thanks! I'll forward it to her.