Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 To Do List

Ahhh the new year has passed and now we have to plan for this year. So here is my quick list:

1. Clean out and re-organize the basement. I’d post pictures of how it looks now but that would prove too embarrassing. I’ll post pictures after this has been completed.

2. Finish the spare bathroom, I got the tool needed to finish prepping the floor. There are hundreds of staples sticking out that this tool will hopefully take care of. I think I will remove the bathtub and have somebody come in and place it back properly and this way we can check for leaks, I don’t want to finish the bathroom only to have to rip it apart again.

3. Clean out and re-organize the garage. It’s not that bad right now but there is so much stuff not worth keeping anymore in there. So this Spring I’ll be giving it the once over.

4. Clear out the storage unit so we can save $45.00 a month!

5. Clean out the spare bedroom, this room has turned into the catch all, just like the basement and it needs a cleaning top to bottom.

6. Re-paint the dining room, foyer and living room walls and ceilings and if possible replace the aging Berber carpet.  

7. In the Spring, clean out new weeds that will instantly crop up in the rock beds. Finish cutting up the tree trunk from the tree that was blown down. Asses the next tree over that looks like it’s going to die next.

8. Get the town to finally fix the sink hole around the storm sewer before somebody gets killed.

9. In the Spring, de-weed the lawn and prep it for the up coming season. Hopefully we have better luck this year than last.

10. Get quotes on the roof and siding.


Russ Krecklow said...

Funny...I came across an old "to-do" list that I made several years ago. There were several items on that list that were still on my current "to-do" list. Maybe Donna's right, I make lists that are way too detailed and way too long!! Now that I'm retired, I trying real hard to be a lot more realistic, and keep things short and simple. First thing on the list should always be "have fun", then "find sunshine", then "enjoy sunshine".

Erik's RV Blog said...

Russ - Agreed! Some of my list is carry over... but getting there. We will be seeking sunshine more this year than we have in years past. :)

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

I like Russ's list better ..sounds like way more fun!!!

JOJO said...

Yes Russ's list sounds way better. But I know what you mean Erik about that spare bedroom. When I was doing my photo's in hopes of selling them I turned that room into a work space. Well I am see that it is a store room full of not being used items. Time to clean it out.
Good luck on that list Erik.

Laura said...

Well, Russ has the right idea. thankfully I didn't post my list last year as most of the items are now on this years list - and we are retired! No excuse...

Good luck getting through yours though - just imagine how great you'll feel to get it done!

Diana said...

It seems that our lists are equally as long Erik. Jake and I just shake our heads wondering how we will accomplish all that we want to do!
And I too have to get estimates on the roof. A shingle over as there is only one layer one there now. I guess we should just focus on one thing at a time!! Happy New Year to you and Ronda! Love Di ♥