Monday, November 7, 2011

RV Is Back And It’s A Happy Camper!

We picked up the RV yesterday from Scott’s RV & Truck Repair and everything looked to be completed. I started the engine, it sounded fine, oil looked fine, and when I went to start the generator something unexpected happened, it started the second I pushed “start” (after  normal 10 second priming). That has NEVER happened! All I had them do was change the genny oil, that was it but it’s as if they found something and adjusted it and didn’t charge me for it. The owner says they didn’t do anything else, either way, it seems happy.

Collier RV quoted me $175.00 to change the genny oil, Scott’s RV Repair charged me $33.00, Collier wanted $150.00 to change the engine oil, Scott’s RV charged me $85.00, both are expensive considering I could go to Ford and it would be $45.00 for the engine if I could get this beast into their driveway and service center (I tried, I can’t) so $85.00 is a bargain and I’m sure the higher cost is due to the extra cost in greasing the chassis points (it’s what I’m telling myself), I just spoke to the owner and he confirmed there are grease points. I remember in the ‘70’s and early ‘80’s when we used to grease the fittings in our cars you would feel an immediate difference in how the car felt on the road. This could have been in my head but it did feel like it rode better.

They also replaced the water pump (for the water system, not the engine) at their cost and winterized the water system. I found all of the drains in the sewer compartment open again like they were last year, I just spoke to the owner, his preference is to leave them open. I closed them, that’s my preference, I don’t want bugs to climb up into the water system, I know it’s going to be winter but I get images in my head of something crawling into the system from these openings. Disappointed smile

I pretty much have a standing appointment with the body shop to repaint the door handle (been repainted 3 times since we bought it) since each shop it goes to ends up scratching the door handle pretty bad. I don’t know if it’s wedding rings or they just mash the keys against it, I dunno but once again I’ll have to get the handle repainted because of scratches. We manage to use the rig the whole season without scratching it, one trip in the shop, scratched. I like the handle to look good, what can I say? (no scratch in this pic) Smile with tongue out

To be frank, I can be frank right? Smile with tongue out  As long as the repairs are done properly, the $35.00 to repaint the door handle is worth it. The generator runs better than ever and our water system is now 100% functional so it’s a good day me thinks.

Scott liked the fact that I exercise the systems 1 to 2 times per month in the winter time. It uses up gas but long term the RV should have less mechanical issues. My brother did nothing last year and even though we had to manually get the genny running, recharge his batteries and do a lot of other work, everything worked so he believes he can just leave it and it will be fine. We’ll see this Spring won’t we!

That’s all for now! Have a great week!


Big Matt said...

He'll think everything's fine right up to the time that the batteries won't take a charge and he feels like someone knacked him in the bits when he gets a quote for new ones.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Happy for you!

Merikay said...

Everytime we drive ours in or out we seem to get a new scratch or small ding.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - I'm going over there this weekend to check everything out and probably will also winterize it for him. I can't imagine the batteries are in very good shape, the rig only got used once this year and that was 5 months ago. Hopefully he has been checking them, I'll ask him this weekend.

Kathy - Me too! :)~

Merikay - Your driveway isn't an easy one! Thankfully for now I can just back it into our parking spot in storage. Hopefully things get arranged so it's easier for Craig to maneuver it in and out.

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

finally some good news on the repair front!!

DeanO said...

I'm glad you got it fixed and everything costs money...I hope you saved a little!